Kindle Chess

Kindle Chess
Kindle Chess

Kindle Chess is very likely to be among the first released apps. There are many ways to implement this game on Kindle platform.

The game will likely take advantage of Kindle’s free 3G Internet connectivity since onboard CPU isn’t doesn’t have enough computing power to challenge anyone except for very novice players. Experienced players will have to test their skill against server somewhere on the web or against their home PC that can use 100% of its computing power and memory to challenge the human player.

Another scenario would be human vs. human play. Kindle owners would be able to engage in either fast paced blitz tournament style games or take it easy and enjoy slow play-by-mail type matches at one turn a day or even a week. Since chess is social and highly competitive game I wouldn’t be surprised if some Kindle Chess application would also have social networking features.

If I were the owner of one of the online chess websites or existing PC chess games I would start working hard on creating a Kindle version and add value to the whole services by making it available on Kindle.

Implementing chess on Kindle isn’t likely to present a major ergonomic challenge since 64 squares on the board can easily be navigated with 5-way controller or player can just type their moves on the keyboard (e2e4)

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