While GMail as well as some other web-based email services work in Kindle’s basic web browser to one degree or another. Still accessing email is more frustrating experience than it should be from a device with decently sized screen, full keyboard and 3G Internet connectivity.

Therefore another application that is bound to appear is email client. Even though I have iPhone that can I can read my email on I would love to do so on Amazon Kindle because of it’s larger screen. After all if I carry it with me anyway to read books while I wait for one appointment or another why not use it as email client as well?

However there are some factors that don’t make this as easy and nice it one would wish:

1) The application will likely be subscription based since fixed-price and free applications are limited to 100 kilobytes of Internet traffic per month which is much less than average email user receives nowdays. However for those of us who do receive only few emails once in a while there may be a freeware app. Another option would be to setup filtering rules that would prevent all but email from several while-listed senders to ever reach the device.

2) While nothing is certain at this point it’s possible that Kindle SDK will prevent applications from connecting to any but standard HTTP ports and therefore whoever would distribute the app would have to come up with HTTP to POP3/IMAP/SMTP proxy service.

3) Rendering HTML emails with rich formatting might prove tricky given Kindle’s limited computing power on top of the fact that the SDK is likely java-based. While there are several ways around it – none are perfect.

4) International characters. Fonts that are installed on Amazon Kindle are limited to only Latin characters. With KDK and applications putting more strain on the limited amount of RAM that is available on the device Amazon will be even less likely to put fonts that would support broader range of characters and therefore consume more memory.

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