Panda Poet for Kindle

The latest addition to the Kindle game scene is Panda Poet.  Panda Poet is just about as creepy as it sounds.  However, the reviews are excellent and it comes from Spry Fox.  They hit the jackpot with their hit game Triple Town that came out a couple of months ago.

Panda Poet is a word game sort of like Scrabble.  You place letters on a board to form a word.  A panda is formed when you form a word in an open space on the board.  If you form a word near another panda, it makes the panda grow.  As the panda grows, new letters appear around the panda.  Your goal is to get the biggest panda or the longest word possible.

Here’s the catch: every time you form a word, the other letters on the board go one step closer to expiring.  Letters usually last about four to five rounds.  If a letter expires, it is replaced with a skull and limits the panda’s growth in that direction.  So, not only do you have to create the longest word possible, you have to think about where to place words to get the most letters before they expire.

I was amused at the way the pandas look as they grow.  One reviewer pointed out that the pandas are basically rectangles.  But, would this game be as interesting if it was just called the Rectangle Poet?  You also have to keep in mind that Spry Fox has only a monochrome e-ink screen to work with.  Maybe penguins will be next?

The scoring is a bit complicated, and one reviewer said that the “Help” screen could use some work.  However, you can easily pick up the gist of the game through playing.  Panda Poet is a fun, addicting game well worth the 3 bucks.

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