Sudoku for Kindle

Sudoku is a natural addition to the Kindle word game list.  You have a large variety of puzzles to choose from, and you can choose to play Sudoku puzzles that come from newspapers and magazines.  So, no need to give up your favorite New York Times puzzles.

If you aren’t familiar with the game, you are provided with a 9 by 9 grid that is partially filled with numbers.  There are thousands of number combinations to choose from.  The grid is broken down to smaller 3 by 3 regions.  You must fill each region with the numbers 1-9 in order to finish the game.  The Kindle version comes with levels ranging from easy to insane.  So there is something for everyone.  A reviewer who considers himself a Sudoku expert even feels challenged by the difficult levels.

EA did a great job making the Kindle version of Sudoku resemble its pen and paper counterparts.  There is a legend included to show what letters on the Kindle keyboard represent the numbers in the game.  EA makes is easy to remember what letters go with the numbers.  The letters that correspond to the numbers are the ones at the top of the keyboard starting with “w” and ending with “o”.  The 5-way toggle button makes it easy to move the letters around.

Sudoku on the Kindle has a few advantages over the paper version.  You can make notes in the squares and click “autofill” if the game gets too hard.  You also have a “hints” option that is included in all of the Kindle games.  If you mess up, click “undo” or use the error checking option.

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