Calendar Pro for Kindle

calendar proThe Kindle has become a powerful multipurpose tool in the last few months.  The latest addition to the Kindle app platform is Calendar Pro, made by our very own Kindle developers.  It is only 99 cents, and allows portability that you can’t get with Microsoft Outlook.  The Calendar Pro app is available to anyone who has the 2nd generation Kindle and up.

The Calendar app fits naturally with the Kindle platform because of it is simple and linear, and can be navigated quite easily with the Kindle keyboard and toggle button.  It is also something we can all use to make our lives a little less stressful.

With the Calendar Pro Kindle app, you can create, edit and view events by day, month or year. It is similar to Google Calendar in that you can schedule events that overlap, last for a whole day, or many days.  Each event also includes title, location, time and description fields.

Agenda view is where you can view the events you have created anytime.  The Kindle’s page turn buttons make it easy to switch the time period you are viewing.

Calendar Pro is very intuitive and user friendly.  If you have any trouble with how to navigate the app with keyboard shortcuts or controls, you can use the “Help” section.  It is easy to find, and it available on every screen.

Calendar Pro is off to a great start, but considering that it is brand new, we welcome your suggestions on any improvements that might make your experience better.

For more information on Calendar Pro and its features, check ou the Calendar Pro Kindle post on the Kindle Review Blog.

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