Puzzle Pack 1

Puzzle Pack 1 includes a good variety of word games to choose from. I think it is is a good set of games to learn on since the puzzles are not too hard to start off with, and the whole game is only a dollar.

Puzzle Pack 1 includes eight games that range in difficulty from easy to challenging.

The games are: Sudoku, Word Search, Cryptograms, Compass Point, Crosswords, Symbol Block, and Criss-Cross

I like how this pack uses less familiar names or words. For example, in Criss-Cross, it used countries such as Estonia and Tobago.

Coming into the game, I was not very familiar with Symbol Block and Compass Point. Both are fairly easy to grasp. With Compass Point, you need to know your directions and fill in letters accordingly. Don’t be like me and get your East and West mixed up!

With Symbol Block, you’ll have to move a selected block around to cover a set of symbols that are all different. It takes a bit of maneuvering with the cursor to figure out where the set of unique symbols are, but I had fun with this one.

Then of course, you have your most common games: Sudoku, Word Search, and Crosswords. For avid players of thee games, I suggest that you go for the Kindle games that focus on each of these games. They include a broader selection of the individual games and include more difficult levels.

I especially liked having all of the games together in one pack so I could flip through them easily if I get tired of one and want to try another.

The graphics are okay. They could be crisper, but that is probably just a difference with the Kindle 2 and 3 models. For the purpose of this particular game, they work fine. When you first start each game, you’ll find helpful instructions to guide you. With these instructions, I was able to catch on pretty quickly.

Of course, you have hints if you need them. However, you lose points if you use them or give up on a game altogether.

I thought it was really easy to navigate with the 5-way toggle. button. That can’t be said for all Kindle games.

And to sum it up…

Jessica D

“If you like word games like this – these are great. The navigation is simple, there are tons of puzzles included (over 100), and the app doesn’t drain the battery. Perfect for long car trips or plane rides! “

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