Checkers is one of my favorite games because it is relatively simple and easy to learn.  So, I was excited to see it available on the Kindle.

The Kindle edition of Checkers has a good set up.  It uses the keyboard’s letters to navigate the board.  The only downside to this, is that the Kindle’s keyboard is really small.  It was a bit awkward at first, but it makes sense, because you can avoid using the 5-way toggle button.  I’ve heard of players who wear out their 5-way toggle from playing games like these.  You can play against the Kindle, or a friend via Pass ‘N Play mode.

There are 10 levels of difficulty.  I started out with the easy mode, obviously, and ended up with a game of cat and mouse with the Kindle opponent.  Either I am really bad at checkers, or this game, even at the easiest levels is a worthy challenge for all ages.  If you get tired of moving back and forth while trapping the opponent, you can go for a draw.  That is an option on the bottom of the screen.

Checkers is such a simple game to learn, and considering this game is only about a dollar, I was surprised to see that there were 10 levels of difficulty.  That seems like a lot!  More for your money I suppose.

The graphics are about as good as they can get for a Kindle.  Maybe future versions can make the pieces 3D.  3D pieces would make the kings easier to see.  White and black pieces are obviously the best choices for colors.

Before you start, check out the Help page to get the gist of how to play the game.  It is really well written.  It tells you exactly how to access options throughout the game, such as hints, draw, etc.

This reviewer makes a good point.  You really do have a lot of customizations that most computer checker games don’t give you.  You can choose whether you want to play more relaxed games, or more competitive “forced jump” ones.  You can choose who plays first, the level of difficulty, type kindle or friend, etc.

will c. settle

“i have played other video checker games and this game is one of the best. alot of video checkers do not allow you to decide who starts first nor do they allow you to pass up on a jump. this one is fully customizable and a winner…”


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