Diamond Crosswords – 50 Puzzles

Diamond Crosswords is a twist on the original crossword puzzle set up in that the grid is turned so that the squares are shaped like a diamond. Other than that, they’re just like any other crossword puzzles.

If you’re used to NY Times puzzles, you’ll probably find these clues really easy. I’m not very good at crosswords, but was able to complete these without too much headache.

The thing about the Kindle edition of Diamond Crosswords that stuck out to me, is that the instructions are very clear and helpful. Select “How to Play” when you reach the main menu screen.

The main complaint I have about these puzzles is the navigation set up. You have to use the 5-way toggle button to navigate through the board. I noticed that the boxes I wanted to insert letters in it was highlight, as well as ones above and below it. It made it more difficult to insert the letters in the right box. As one reviewer said, it just takes getting used to. I’m not sure how much better it can be considering the navigation tools that are available.

If you click “Menu” while playing, you can check your answers. This is a good way to get the feel for the way the puzzles work. The grid is kind of small, but if you press the Aa key on he Kindle’s keyboard, you can zoom in on the grid. It is a matter of preference, but I think it is helpful to zoom into the area you are working on, so you can use the 5-way a little easier.

Puzux has multiple Diamond Crossword games that include varying numbers of puzzles. A couple of them include up to 200.  You’ll also find both easy and hard puzzles.

As inexpensive as Diamond Crosswords is, it is definitely worth a try. I hope that the navigation difficulties can be worked out as the Kindle device itself gets better and better. I think the newer versions will be more game friendly.

New Crossword Fan

“I found this book in Kindle store after buying the actual Diamond Crossword paperback book. I only recently started solving crossword puzzles because I found them too difficult, usually. I have found these Diamond Crosswords are perfect because I can actually complete them. The interface on the Kindle works very well. I got used to it after solving a few clues. You simply follow the instructions that come with the game. My boyfriend and I love solving them together! I recommend this as an alternative to Sudoku because it’s always a different challenge, and it tests and expands your vocabulary.”

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