Flip It!

Flip It! is a Rubix cube type game.  You have to flip tiles in a series of moves to turn them all white.  When you flip the tiles, different ones will turn black or white.  It gets tough really quickly.

Review the “help’ section before you begin.  There are good instructions, and they include some important hints that you can keep in mind while playing.

The graphics are decent.  They could be better, but they work for the purposes of the game.  The game gets your brain working that’s for sure.  New Kindle owners will have to chime in on this one, but I did get kind of tired of looking at the lag as the blocks flipped.  It is just the way the e-ink works.

You have 40 puzzles that increase in difficulty with each passing level.  So, it should keep you busy for awhile.  In order to unlock the next level, you have to complete the one before it.  There are also minimum moves that give you an idea of how many moves you should be able to solve the puzzle with if you’re savvy at the game.

I of course take forever to complete the puzzles.  But, the good news is, if you take a lot of moves to complete a level, you can always go back and try to complete it in fewer moves, and with a better time.

I think it’d be cool to add new shapes, or even create a game for the Kindle that uses the actual Rubix cube.  But, since that relies on color, we might just have to wait until a Kindle color edition comes out.


“I agree with another poster, this reminds me of the rubiks cube.
I have made it to level 26, and to tell the truth most of the time when I get it, I don’t even know how the heck I did. I love this game, it’s the one I play the most out of the 13 games I have on my kindle. It can get kinda frustrating sometimes, so I just leave it for a while then go back to it later. It becomes addicting, and it drains the battery on my kindle so now I only play it while it’s plugged in.”


“This game is fun and does get really challenging. It is a little repetitive with the same thing on every level but still fun and entertaining to play! For less than a buck I recommend everyone getting it.”

So, overall, not a bad game for a buck.  There is room for improvement, but Flip It! is off to a good start.




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