Stopwatch and Timer

Stopwatch and Timer as a title says it all.  This is a Kindle version of a stopwatch and timer.  They both are great tools to have.  My thoughts on how this app can be used best is for exercise.  For running laps, it would be cumbersome to carry a Kindle around, but if you’re on a treadmill, elliptical, or a bike, it comes in handy.  The stopwatch counts your time and tracks your speed for you.

The timer can be used the same way, but it can also be used to track cooking time, or even scheduled reading time.  When I get too engrossed in a good book, I let time get away from me.

The graphics are easy to see and navigation is pretty intuitive.  The app is actually almost too sophisticated graphic wise for the purposes it serves.

As for duration, you can customize how long you want the app to track, or you can use the preset 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute, etc times that are provided.  Access the presets by pressing the “menu” key.

Be warned though, this app does not alert you via audio.  So, you have to check it often.  However, the good news is, that even if you let your Kindle go to sleep, the stopwatch or timer will still track your time for you.

As with many of the Kindle games and applications, there is a handy guide in case you have trouble accessing any part of Stopwatch and Timer.  This is easily accessible from the app’s main page.

One particularly helpful shortcut that I got from the guide, is to use the space bar to pause the timer.  That way you can avoid overusing the 5-way toggle button.

After looking over the reviews, I definitely agree with all statements that imply that this app needs some kind of beep or audio signal.  The question is, can this be done with the Kindle?  The Kindle does have a text to speech option, so I’m sure it is doable, but the biggest question in my mind is, how doable?  The product description was honest about this issue, so I’m thinking it might be that the Kindle doesn’t really lend itself to audio very well, yet.

Some kind of pop up or notification would definitely be helpful as an alternative to audio.

The following reviewer has a good suggestion for another stopwatch app that might be worth considering if you want to shop around.

Ed Pegg

“Though it’s much the same, Anywhere Stopwatch has better looking graphics, and the number fonts look better and more substantial. Anywhere Stopwatch looks more like a stopwatch than a cartoon with a small text clock. ”


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