Next Puzzle Game

Next has been around almost since the Kindle games got started.  Get ready for the some fancy maneuvering.  Your goal is to match blocks with the same symbols in them.  By symbols I mean stars, plusses, hexagons, etc.

Next starts out really really easy, so you have some time to get the feel for the game.  With each passing level, it gets harder.  Sometimes their might be an odd number of blocks, so be careful not to match two blocks too soon.  It is a good lesson in planning ahead.

The other thing that makes Next more difficult, is the placement of the blocks.  You can trap blocks by accidentally moving other ones in their path.  The blocks drop down when they reach an opening in the wall.  There are arrows there to let you know what direction your block will go.

It took me a minute to figure out that I had to hit the 5-way toggle once to select the block, then again to move it.  You will know you’ve selected the block if it turns a darker shade of grey.

Since Next is one of the pioneers of the Kindle game collection, the graphics are a bit simplistic.  But, they are fine for the purposes of the game.  Next includes two sets of 64 puzzles.  128 puzzles is a fairly good sized collection.


“I purchased this game because I prefer puzzle games over word or killing games. I love to be challenged and keep my brain stimulated. In fact, one level (level 28) was so challenging that I was forced to email mobigloo and ask for helpful hints. I sent the request late Saturday evening and I received a response early Sunday. It has been quite sometime since I have received that level of customer service and technical support!

The goal of the game is to eliminate all of the game pieces by matching them in groups of 2…3… This is similar to Tetris, Dr. Mario, Block Breaker, Bubble Breaker…etc.”

Reading that review and being reminded of some of my favorite old school games like Tetris and Dr. Mario made me a little nostalgic for the good ol’ days..  The good news about Tetris is, that it is available on the computer and smartphones.  I’d love to see Tetris become available for the Kindle as well.

So, if you like puzzles that require a bit of strategic planning, Next is the perfect game for you.




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