Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is a simple note taking tool for your Kindle.  Comparable apps are Notepad and TakeNote.  they’re all the same price: just under a dollar.

Sticky Notes is pretty easy to use.  you can add new notes by pressing selecting new note from the menu, or alt + n on the keyboard.  I like the zoom feature the best.  The notes are pretty small, but you can zoom them to full size by selecting it from the menu, or alt+ z.

All of the commands are logical.  That makes the interface intuitive.  The text is easy to see.  If you need to make the font bigger, make your notes bold or italic, or use serif or sans serif font, select preferences from the menu.  The larger font size helps me see the text a lot better.

I often see books that I want to read, then I never can remember the author or the title when I need it.  Sticky Notes is a good way to have a reminder.

I know a lot of people who like to make notes in their books or jot down memorable quotes.  This is a good tool to use for that purpose as well.

The only real advantage that Sticky Notes has over Notepad is that it records the time that you write your note.  You can turn this feature on or off.  If you make notes over a long period of time, it’d be kind of neat to go back and see what you wrote awhile ago.

Ed Pegg

“With Sticky Notes, you can type out any notes you like, very easily, and when you’re ready to save, the Back button is all that you need to save. You can zoom in on a note if you want to have a full page to type on.

Nine notes show up at once, and each note can have a block paragraph. There is no need to put in Titles as in Notepad. ”

Interesting point about Microsoft Office in the following review…

L. Schaefer

“99 cents for this, or $80-$140 to purchase MS OneNote or upgrade my Windows package. Hmmmm. I got Sticky Notes to help with outlining a project and so far it has been terrific. It allows me to do just what I wanted–make a quick note on a particular topic and be able to see those notes lined up next to each other. ”

I don’t really have any strong preference for one notetaking app over another.  They all have their strengths and weaknesses.  No matter which one you pick, you can’t really go wrong.




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