New York Times Crosswords Vol. 1

Volume 1 of the NY Times Crosswords for the Kindle is a great set for beginners, or veterans who need a few easy puzzles to pass the time.

I admire anyone who does crossword puzzles on a daily basis. Even these easy ones have clues that I’ve never heard of. I am amazed at how easily some of my relatives and friends can answer clues that seem impossible to me.

NY Times Crosswords start off easy, and get progressively harder throughout the week. The first volume includes Monday-Wednesday puzzles, each in sets of 10. There are quite a few volumes available for the Kindle, so there is something for every skill level.

Navigation was fairly easy. I had a hard time seeing the numbers in the squares though. I don’t really think they can be any bigger without crowding everything into the screen. The newspaper equivalents are even smaller.

Navigation is primarily done through the 5-way toggle, but there are keyboard shortcuts if you need help with certain clues.  The 5-way is not the easiest tool to work with, but it can get you around the puzzle. You can reveal one letter, or the whole word if you need to. Good way to practice if you aren’t familiar with the way crossword puzzles work.

You aren’t limited to just one word answers. There are phrases as well.  Brush up on your quotes and common sayings.

The one thing I like the best about the Kindle version of the NY Times crosswords, is that it still gives you the same look and feel. The grey toned screen with the e-ink still gives you the “look and feel”of a real newspaper. You don’t have to worry about smudge marks. Computer versions are just not the same. They’re hard on the eyes, and aren’t as portable.

I am excited about having these crosswords handy. They’re a great way to keep the brain sharp and preserve mental well being.  Once you complete the 30 puzzles in Volume 1, try 90 more in Volume 2.

Gary Severance

“The puzzles are entertaining, most often following a theme. Some puzzles have circled letters that are repeated in more than one clue. Some have circled letters that when combined spell out a phrase or series of items related to the puzzle theme. Some crosswords have clues containing a single box that contains 2 letters. Finding these same two letter boxes in other clues sets the stage for answering an Across and a Down clue starting with the same box.”

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