The Citadel of Chaos

The Citadel of Chaos is similar to Affairs of the Court or Choice of the Vampire in that it is a text based adventure game.  But there are some other components to it that set it apart.  Instead of just selecting from a list of choices that will take you down your respective path in the story, this one includes graphics and dice rolls.

The Citadel of Chaos is basically navigation through a large castle filled with obstacles and scary creatures.  You encounter many spooky instances along the way that can determine your fate.  Your character is either a man or woman depending on which gender you choose.

When you first start, you can choose how much strength and stamina you have, or have the game auto generate the amount of weapons in your arsenal.  I tried that, and ended up with a pretty low amount of tricks.

So, your fate all depends on the choices you make.  You will live or die.  So, make your decisions carefully, and check the in house map to see your progress and the monsters you’ve encountered.

The graphics are pretty good.  There is a lag while the pages switch, so I mistakingly jumped ahead two pages a few times.  Throughout the adventure, there are helpful instructions.  For example, there are instructions on how the dice rolls work: quick roll versus full roll.

I really enjoyed this game, and held my breath every time I made a choice that would determine my path through the castle, or citadel.  Most of the time I just used my gut instinct.  I ended up some amusing scrapes, but so far so good.

Good to know that the Kindle is upholding the traditions of old favorites.  Many reviewers grew up reading the Fighting Fantasy books.  Worldweaver has done an excellent job adapting the series to the Kindle platform.


“Just as enjoyable to play now as they were 30(?) years ago. And that’s something considering the age increase.
The map looks just great. And the game style, mechanics and atmosphere play out nicely.
I have tried both iPhone and Kindle versions of this game, And the Kindle is more enjoyable to play, Despite the lack of color.
Definitely recommended addition to your Kindle.”

Nick Schroeder

“I grew up reading the Fighting Fantasy books. Now after checking out the first title on Kindle, I can see that this is the perfect format for the books. Outstanding! I am very much looking forward to future titles–I will be buying them all! ”





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