Doodle Fit

There are two games for Kindle with similar names, but are completely different, and are made by different companies. They are Doodle for Kindle and Doodle Fit. I think they’re both great games to have on your Kindle, and can provide hours of entertainment.

If you’ve ever played Tetris, you’ll recognize the shapes used in Doodle Fit. It is a puzzle game. You have to fit all of the available pieces into a shape. They can’t be rotated, but you can moved them if they are in the wrong place at first.

There are a ton of puzzles included: about 250, so Doodle Fit will keep you occupied for awhile. You earn hints along the way to use as you need them. There are a limited number to go around, so spend them wisely.

Some puzzles have multiple solutions. Levels will be unlocked depending on what solution you go with. You can go back and retry a level to get another solution if you want to play the alternative set of unlocked levels.

The graphics are good for the purposes of the game. I think they can be better, but they don’t detract from the game’s overall goal. I encourage you to review the Help section in the menu options. I was a little confused by how to get to the actual levels when I first saw this big set of really small shapes in the beginning.

So, as a beginner, you’ll work your way through some really simple puzzle shapes. You can get through these pretty quickly and get up to the more complicated ones. Doodle Fit is a great game for all ages.


“This is really cute…. it looks very natural on the screen… like a hand drawn doodle notebook (which does make it slightly difficult to see) complete with a “spiral binding” on the cover page.

After you place the blocks, patterns fill in, so you never know what’s coming in the completed solution. Adds a level of interest.

The game is easy to use (once you figure out the navigation… read the Help section before first use. Then, start, and it will become clear.) Note: to switch pieces, use your PAGE forward and back buttons. Otherwise, it’s all the 5 way. And, from the first page, hit the 5 way button on the upper left shape to begin the game. It loads a single shape for you to work on from the next page.”

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