Maze A Thon

When I first started playing Maze A Thon I thought, “wow this is easy, and I can knock this out in 30 minutes.”.  Then I got further into the puzzles and boy did the mazes get much harder!

There are three modes: Classic, Wrap Around, and Cubetastic.  Classic is just a basic maze.  Wrap Around allows you to go out of the maze on one side and come back in on the other side.  This is where the mazes get hard, because you’ll find that the the places you want to get to are blocked off.  So you have to use a bit of strategic thinking to figure out the best openings to enter and exit.

Cubetastic is really cool.  It adds a new dimension to the maze.  You are basically walking around a cube to get to the prize.  There are openings that automatically send you to cube’s side that is next to the one you were on.

Your navigation tool is the Kindle’s 5-way toggle button.  Keep an eye out for the hints at the bottom of the page.  They provide helpful navigation hints and keyboard shortcuts.

Maze A Thon’s graphics are great.  The maze just consists of simple lines.  It is pretty easy to tell where you need to get to.  In the Wrap Around and Cubetastic levels, the openings are marked with arrows.  The arrows could be a little darker, but I think they work for the look and feel of the maze.

Maze A thon is a great game for all ages and expert levels.  Beginners can start off easy and work their way up.  Experts can get a challenge on the harder levels.  It is a great time filler, and I found it very addictingsed.

Bruce Horn

“From a software point of view, it is a very clean and well-written game that makes good use of the e-ink display on the Kindle. The text and menus are easy to read and don’t unnecessarily blink the display, which takes some effort to optimize. ”


“This game kept my 6-year old entertained on an airplane for well over an hour. That alone makes it well worth the price. She learned it in seconds, and after that, I didn’t have to help her until we got to the cube mazes, and those challenged both of us.

If you have a kid, and don’t mind losing control of your Kindle for a while, don’t hesitate to buy this one.”


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