Ultimate Shakespeare Quiz

All of HandyX”s Kindle quizzes are set up the same way, and Ultimate Shakespeare Quiz is no different.  I took a Shakespeare class in college as part of my English major, and going through the questions in this app reminded me of a lot of the plays and ideas I learned in that class.

Ultimate Shakespeare Quiz includes questions about a great many of Shakespeare plays, as well as additional facts from the sixteenth century.

There are plays mentioned that everyone recognizes such as Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, as well as more obscure plays that are not quite as familiar unless you are a fan of Shakespeare’s plays, or have taken a class on them.

You can play either casually through all 1000 questions, or you can go round by round.  If you want to test your speed, you can use the timer.

When you go through the questions, you’ll go through a string of hard ones, and then get a really easy one.  It is almost like comic relief.

The hardest questions for me were the quotes from the plays.  You really need to be familiar with the different plays: Merchant of Venice, King Lear, etc, in order to answer the questions. But one trick that helped me was knowing the characters’ names.

HandyX really presents a good challenge with their Kindle quizzes.  I’m not sure very many children can answer them, but they’re great trivia for adults on a long car ride or any other similar type situations.

So, overall, I was able to refresh my memory from Shakespeare class, and also learn new and interesting terms and definitions from Shakespeare’s time.


“I got this for my Kindle at a great deal. This game is the most begged for in our car as well as for afternoon activities. It came in handy one morning when we were dealing with a neighborhood crisis and my 10 year old grabbed my Kindle. I think She is half way through and only missed 3 questions. I’d recommend this for all parents who want to supplement their children’s education and since it is on the Kindle it is quiet when you need your children to be quiet. Though in our case my children get loud over who said what in Hamlet or a Midsummer”s Night Dream and a few others that they are quite familiar with.
This game is addictive!”

Ultimate Shakespeare Quiz is now compatible with the latest generation keyboardless Kindle.

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