Mahjong Butterfly

Mahjong Butterfly is a tile matching game for the Kindle.  If you have played Mahjong Solitaire, you should pick up the basic rules of this game pretty quickly.

With Mahjong Butterfly, you are not only matching tiles, you are also using strategy to match certain tiles before others, so that the butterflies can hatch.

So, for example, you need to give a caterpillar food in the form of a honeydew.  Then you have to give the caterpillar some sunlight so that it can go into its cocoon and so on.  Watch out for the wind tiles.  They can hurt you if you use them too soon.

I can definitely see how Mahjong Butterfly can get addictive.  I sat on the couch and played it for almost an hour.  The strategic element in this game gives it a lot more depth than most other Kindle games.

For navigation, you can either use the 5-way toggle button or certain keyboard shortcuts that are listed in the manual.  I strongly encourage you to at least skim the help section before starting out.  It provides all of the strategies and keyboard shortcuts that you need to succeed in Mahjong Butterfly.  Don’t forget the tutorial mode.  Be careful with the toggle button because it can definitely get a work out in this game.

The graphics were good for the monochrome Kindle platform.  Sometimes it took me a little bit longer to find the matching flowers because they weren’t as distinguishable.  But, overall, I was able to see everything fairly well.

K. Wagner

“The only reason I would want a Kindle with a color screen would be for this app. There is a tutorial which takes you through Level one. Please, read all of the Help pages first. There are two ways to get around the tiles. You can use the four way directional and enter pad or eight directional letter keys, qwe,ad, zxc, with s as the enter key. Using the letter keys is a better way to move around, especially for a lefty. The app uses a totally different tile set and it takes some getting use to. The flowers have to match exactly and in monochrome its a little difficult at first. The other suits are leaf and honey dew which are food for the caterpillars. You still are looking for identical pairs of tiles to remove but in this version you have three free cells to store 3 tiles.”

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