Futoshiki Halloween Edition

Futoshiki is one of the top rated Kindle games to date.  I see it mentioned in reviews of other games.  The game itself gets high marks.

The good game gets even better with it’s Halloween Edition.  Instead of your standard grid, you get to look at spooky trees and other Halloween themed goodies.  The only thing I think would be even more fun, is to add floating objects that would go across the grid at random times.

If you are new to Futoshiki, it is basically Sudoku with an extra feature: greater than and less than symbols. Don’t be intimidated by them.  I’ve heard that they’ve actually been very helpful in solving the puzzle.

If you need help at any time, feel free to refer to the help manual or the Hint feature.

Braintonik Games has done an excellent job with the graphics.  They’re even very crisp on the earlier Kindle models.  The grids are big enough so they’re easy to see, and the < and > symbols are easy to find as well.

There are a ton of Sudoku puzzles available for people who like logic games.  I’ve seen many reviewers say that the Futoshiki games are much better.

Navigation is primarily through the 5-way toggle button as per the usual with Kindle games.  There are 120 puzzles in four levels of difficulty.  These levels are easy, medium, hard, and expert.  The grids get bigger as the difficulty level increases.  As a novice at logic style games, this one will keep me occupied for awhile.

So, add Futoshiki Halloween Edition to the growing collection of halloween themed Kindle games.  All of the Halloween Kindle games are currently just .99 for a limited time.  I’m guessing that by limited time, Amazon means until Halloween.

B.L. Parks

“Futoshiki and Blossom (both are Braintonik games) are two of my favorite games on my Kindle. The Halloween Editions of both games contain all new puzzles and the Halloween graphics are cute without being in the way. If you enjoy logic puzzles, you will likely enjoy both of these games. Futoshiki is a number logic game (don’t worry, no math involved) kind of similar to sudoku…Customer support at Braintonik is exceptional. I’ve written to them a couple of times to ask questions about their games and the response has been prompt and friendly every time. “

Futoshiki Halloween Edition is available on the latest version keyboardless Kindle, as well as older models.

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