Picture Cross Volume 1

Picture Cross Volume 1 is a good game for the Kindle.  The graphics aren’t perfect, but I still think it is worth checking out.

If you’ve played Pixel Perfect Puzzles by Amazon, or Nonograms, then you’ll pick this up pretty quickly.

Basically, you fill in squares on a grid that when completed, create a picture.  The rows and columns have numbers in them that tell you how many black squares you need to fill in. It takes a little bit of strategic thinking to decide which ones are the easiest to fill in first.  I found the puzzles challenging, but not overly so.

In Picture Cross, you use mostly keyboard shortcuts to fill in the squares.  At the start, all of the squares are gray.  To turn the square black, press “E”.  To turn it while, press “W”.  To turn it back to gray if you’ve messed up, press “Q”.  I’m not sure what the logic is for using E instead of B for black, or Q instead of G for gray.

As far as the set up of the game goes, I think everything is placed so that they’re really easy to see.  All of the keyboard shortcuts are listed at the bottom.  The grid is pretty big.  One aspect of it that I think needs improvement is determining how many squares are filled in.  I had to use a hint because I didn’t realize I had filled in 5 squares when I really needed only 4.

There are three pixel puzzles available for the Kindle.  Pixel Perfect Puzzles and Nonograms are the other two.  For more information about Nonograms, check out my review of the game that I wrote not too long ago.  Pixel Perfect Puzzles is free.  Nonograms cost a few bucks, and is just a randomly generated puzzle instead of a picture.

Picture Cross Volume 1 is available on the latest generation of the Kindle, as well as older models.

Meredith Klein

“I purchased this game after finishing Amazon’s free version. I loved that one so much, that when I found more, I was ecstatic. This version, though loaded with far more puzzles, just doesn’t live up to the Amazon version.

Ambiguous pictures
Different buttons than Amazon version

WAY more games

I would probably buy this again, but I would not have your expectations as high as the Amazon version, because it is, in reality, much different.”


“After enjoying Pixel Perfect Puzzles so much, I’ve been waiting for more nonogram games. I miss some of the PPP features as the other reviewers documented, but for $1, it’s fine until Amazons comes out with more PPP’s. “

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