Poker of the Dead

Poker of the Dead is the craziest poker game I’ve ever seen.  The instructions were really amusing with all of the zombie, dead, and lack of brains commentary.

Poker of the Dead is a good short poker game.  I just went along with it and won a few games.  I encourage you to read the instruction manual and follow the tutorial.  They’re very helpful in explaining everything you need to know about the game.  There is a list of all of the poker terms: flush, call, fold, etc that serves as a good reference.  I need to take a look at these in more depth so I actually know what I’m doing half the time.

So, in the game itself, you’re trying to race the zombies to win before they eat your brains.  Your choices are to Call, Raise, Fold, or All In.  You can’t use the All In one until you’ve won three times.

You have seven days.  Each day, your units increase.  So, when you make a call, it is worth $10 on the first day, and goes all the way up to $500 in the end.

There is also a list of Challenges you can choose from.  The Kindle’s 5-way toggle button will get you to where you need to go for everything in the game.  Poker of the Dead includes a tutorial, but it’d be great if there was an advisor available like there is in Texas Hold ‘Em.

The zombies are really creepy looking.  They certainly look the part.  Be sure to grab Poker of the Dead soon.  It is on sale for a limited time along with other Halloween themed Kindle games.

So, overall, Poker of the Dead is certainly not a full blown poker game, as reviewers mentioned, but it is certainly a good mental break.

Poker of the Dead is available on the newest Kindle, as well as older models.


“‘I’m giving Poker of the Dead a full 5 stars, because there’s nothing more I’d ask from the game. It’s not a full blown Texas Hold’em game, doesn’t pretend to be one, but instead, gives the game its own special gameplay that works really well on the non-touch Kindles. The game can easily and comfortably be played casually using the 5-way controller. It’s fun for short time periods, or extended play (try to beat your own score). Killing zombies by going all-in is fun and different.”

B. Fontane

“Very clever, enjoyable game, and plays fast. Becoming my goto game between books for a quick poker break.”

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