Anywhere Spreadsheet

I’m impressed with the quality and features in Anywhere Spreadsheet.  It isn’t as powerful as Microsoft Excel, but it includes built in templates, and allows customizations.  The biggest perk is the portability.

As far as power goes, you have to consider the platform the application is working on.  However, the newer Kindle models are boasting some pretty powerful processors these days.

Anywhere Spreadsheet has tools that can help you calculate various things like sale price, temperature conversion, tips, BMI, and more.  Just select “tools” from the menu.

This amazing tool also includes templates for lists and logs that track weight, groceries, running time, and even chores.  Good for those who go everywhere with their Kindles.  Spreadsheets keep the logs a lot more organized than the standard list.

The menu options are huge font size wise, which makes them so much easier to navigate.  The navigation is done with the 5-way toggle button.  If you open a new blank spreadsheet, all you have to do is select the cell you want to fill in and type the information.  It will fill in at the top, but once you’re finished, it will fill the cell you selected.  This threw me off at first, but it is a good idea because there’s more space to write above the cells.

You can also download small CSV files via USB cable into Anywhere Spreadsheet.  Maybe in the future the system will be powerful enough to support downloads from Excel files themselves.  For more information and how to access imported CSV files, click the “Import” section in the main menu.

Nickel Buddy is primarily known for its exercise collection.  I was surprised to see a spreadsheet from them, but it is their best Kindle app so far.  At least from a graphics standpoint.

Rodney B. Rich

” would like to see enhancements such as sorting and better (more extensive) cell formatting tools but hey, this is on a Kindle which makes this tool already pretty amazing! I can’t wait to see where they go with this app in future releases.

Like I said, not a full blown spreadsheet like Excel, but it has real potential and gets the job done for many tasks. Not at all bad for being on a non-adroid e-reader! I love my Kindle 🙂 ”


“In a word incredible portability and a really usefull, you can make from notes, contacts, to calculations….! I will say it is a big step forward for the Kindle apps.”

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