Ghostboy and the Nameless Grave

Ghostboy and the Nameless Grave is an interactive fiction Kindle book for kids.  The black and white e-ink screen fits the mood of the book really well.  It is written in an easy style that kids can understand and enjoy.

The book is set up kind of like a comic book with the cartoon like graphics.  You get to choose a character that is male or female with any name you want.  Your character is Tristan’s (Ghostboy) best friend.

Along the way, you get to answer questions that determine the direction the story will go.  It doesn’t really affect the outcome overall, but it gives you choices to explore extra parts if you want.

Tristan and his mom live in an old house that is said to be haunted by an old lady.  Boy, the front door is scary.  Good thing Tristan has a camper to retreat to.

With the help of his friend Miranda and your character, Tristan sets off to help the ghost girl who is lost and needs to find her parents.  Tristan checks out a book on ghosts from the library.  It was funny to see the librarian with a bun and glasses.  That’s the age old stereotype for librarians.

Ghostboy is a great book for Halloween.  You and your child can have a lot of fun together solving riddles and answer the questions.  The interactive nature of the book gives you the nudge to pay attention to the details.  Some will show up later so it is helpful to remember them.

The book does a good job with telling you how to get through each section.  Use the Kindle’s next page button to go through the book.  When you need to select answers, use the toggle button.  You’ll need to use the keyboard to solve riddles and fill in the blank questions.

The only suggestion I have for Ghostboy and the Nameless Grave is to include a font size adjustment.  The text was kind of small.  The graphics may be a bit too spooky for young children.  It is up to the parents to decide on that factor though.

Elizabeth Wood

“My son loved this book! It’s like a combo book/game – too cool. He’s been reading/playing for 3 nights straight, and wants to know if there are any more available. ”

Proud Mom of Two

“This is a great book. My second grader loves it and wants more. It’s a lot of fun.
The reason why I gave it only 4 stars is that I wish the text was a little better quality. I understand it’s not great literature, but I don’t think that only the fun factor should be taken into consideration. That said, I’d buy #2 in a heartbeat! “

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