KenKen Vol. 1

KenKen Vol. 1 is a logic puzzle similar to Sudoku, but it has a lot more factors involve that make it more challenging.

There are four difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, and expert.  The puzzle grids get bigger and bigger. So far I’ve completed some 3 x 3 grids and am working on a 4×4 grid.  The grid size doesn’t reflect on the difficulty level necessarily.  I saw some easy puzzles that consisted of an 8×8 grid.

The size of the grid determines what numbers you’ll use.  So for a 3×3 grid, you’ll just use 1-3.  Numbers repeat horizontally or vertically.  There are also sections within the grid that are called cages.  In these cages you’ll see a mathematical symbol along with a number.  So, if therre is a 10+, all of the numbers in the cage have to add up to 10.  So, just an extra bit of puzzle fun to be had.

This game is a lot more interesting than basic Sudoku games.  the graphics are very clear and easy to see.  You can annotate the squares before you make your final decision on what number to puz in.  they’ll show up as tiny numbers.  Navigation is through the Kindle’s 5-way toggle button.  The cages are well highlighted, so you can’t miss them.

There are a ton of Sudoku and other similar games out there for Kindle.  I think for the mos part they’re all worth checking out.

KenKen Vol. 1 has excellent reviews.  the game fits well into the look and feel of the Kindle and does a good job of guiding the user throughout each level.


“I learned how to do ken-ken in the Reader’s Digest. This version is great, because you can easily put notes in the squares, keeping track of all the possibilities. The sudoku game I bought for my kindle was difficult to use, but this is fabulously easy. I bought it a week ago, and I have completed almost all the puzzles. Now I am going back and redoing the ones I used clues to finish, trying to get a star! When will we get Vol. 2? I can’t wait!”


“I love how comprehensive Kenken is; there are so many levels to prepare you to the ultimate toughest level. I enjoy the challenge very much. The paper look of Kindle help creating the ‘classic and important’ feeling to the game. I’m addicted to the game soon enough, promising myself to solve all the puzzles. Thumbs up for the game! “

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