Hangman 4 Kids

Hangman 4 Kids is a good game for both kids and adults who find the original Hangman too challenging.

Hangman 4 Kids covers different categories like food, movies, careers, and science.  The category is your big clue.  After I realized that they were even there, I did much better at the games.  All of the words are popular, well known movies that most kids are familiar with.  Hit Disney movies pop up often.

This fun Kindle game is just your basic Hangman game with a little flair.  The hangman figure changes with each game.  So, you never know if you’ll get a snowman, a stick figure, or a gingerbread man.

Sonic Boom has done a great job with the graphics and overall design of this game.  I had no problem seeing any of the letters or fill ins.  The Help section is there if you need it, but you should be able to just jump right in.  What helps the most is that most people learn how to play Hangman at a young age.

You do have to be careful with the letters you choose.  The incorrect answers add up quickly.  The best trick is to just figure out the words or phrase from context.  That is a good strategy on top of the “vowels first” tip.

As with most Kindle games, you have to use the 5-way toggle button to navigate the menu options.  But, you can use the keyboard to fill in the letters.  Once you complete a game correctly or incorrectly, it will give you the correct answer and prompt you to move on to the next game.

Hangman 4 Kids is a fun way to entertain your kids and it also helps improve their vocabulary and trivia knowledge.  Best of all, it gives them the opportunity to learn how to use a Kindle.

Amy Kochensbarger

“I purchased this Kindle game for my first grade son (age 7). He is an avid reader and loves to play Hangman in the car…so I eagerly purchased this game when it was on sale. The game is easy to play and the hang-man images are not all the same: some are a snowman who slowly melts with each wrong letter, one is a gingerbread cookie who gets another bite out of it each time a wrong letter is guessed. Some of the categories are challening for my first grader, but that will give him room to grow. We all enjoy this game. I highly recommend this game for the Kindle…it works great on both the Kindle 2 and Kindle 3 (3rd gen). “

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