Snakes Basic

When I was in high school I was really addicted to this snake game on my Ti-83 calculator.  It was a great diversion in math class.

Now, there is a Kindle version called Snakes Basic.  The e-ink screen is similar to the calculator screen.  But, Snakes Basic is a little more involved than the one I played before.

Snakes Basic is simply a barrier navigation game.  You guide the snake to pellets that are placed on the board.  Every time you grab  a pellet, your snake grows longer, and you get a point.  The game is over when you run into a barrier, a wall or your own tail.  As the snake gets longer, it gets much harder to navigate it around the barriers.

Snakes Basic includes three levels: easy, medium, and hard.  The harder the game, the faster the snake moves, and the more barriers you have to dodge.  In the medium and hard levels I went around the pellet so many times that it drove me nuts.  I kept going in circles because the snake was moving too fast for me to position it correctly.  It definitely works your reflexes

Graphic wise, Snakes Basic has its good parts and others that need some improvement.  I thought the snake was too small.  Especially when it is shorter.  I couldn’t even find it at first because in addition to being small, it is very light.  The board set up is easy to see, however.  It gets interesting when you’re playing the hard levels, and you have to watch out for more barriers with a long tail.

This game is great for all ages.  It is more of a mindless time filler than a mentally stimulating game.  It can definitely keep anyone occupied when they’re bored.

Snakes Basic is available on the newest generation Kindle, as well as older models.


“The game is very simple classic Snake, nothing extra fancy just simple plain fun. Worth the 99 cents for a game that I havent been able to play without “extras” since my first Nokia cell phone.”

Karen L. Anderson

“I picked this up on the suggestion of a friend and I’m very pleased with the program. It is quite responsive considering the refresh rates on Kindles and it harkens back to a time when QBasic games were the only games. It’s perfect for keeping the kids quiet in Doctors offices and car trips. I highly recommend this for your Kindle.”