Flashcards: Animals for Kids

DigiRonin games is on to something with their Kindle game collection for kids. Flash Cards: Animals for Kids, is one of their games designed to help children learn and review the names of various animals. It provides a fun and interactive way to learn.

Flash Cards: Animals provides different methods of learning at various difficulty levels. You can start off easy with just a review of the names of animals, and work your way through medium and hard, which are multiple choice and fill in the blank.

DigiRonin does a good job with separating everything out by difficulty levels so that both younger and older children can benefit from the exercises.

Overall, the graphics are easy to navigate. The Kindle’s 5 way toggle gets you through the menu and guides you through the exercises. Notice that if you get an exercise right, it will automatically move on to the next one. If you get it wrong, it will stop and let you review the answer before moving on.

I will admit that some of the pictures of the animals were a little confusing. I missed some of them because the animals were drawn in a different way than I would have pictured it. Considering how the e-ink Kindle platform is designed, the options are kind of limited.

I found some of the questions challenging because I am not that good at remembering what some animals look like, such as the llama, platypus, or the anteater. They’re not ones I see or hear about too often so, they’re kind of fuzzy in my memory.

Pictures aside, I think Flashcards: Animals for Kids is a great supplement to what kids are learning in the classroom.  Also look for more educational apps from DigiRonin Games on spelling and math skills.


“My son loves the pictures (and to be able to push the button). There are some different animals in the cards and they are not the same ones every time. But we guess the animal together and then push the button for the name and we can touch the name and the picture without wearing them out! He also likes to do it because he sees me read my kindle and he wants to “read” it too….it is something we do together using mommy’s magic book. We haven’t done the spelling yet but I am sure it will entertain my 8 year old niece when she visits. “