Spongebob’s Treasure Quest

Most are familiar with the hit Nickelodeon cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants.  It is amazing how such crazy ideas can become a favorite among kids everywhere.

Now you can get Spongebob on your Kindle with the game Spongebob’s Treasure Quest.  Surprisingly enough, the game provides a good challenge for both kids and adults.  So, get ready for some silly family fun!

The object of the game is pretty simple.  Spongebob and his buddy Patrick are out to find treasure, but they must get to it before the evil Plankton and his cousins do.  Using the Kindle’s 5-way toggle button, you can move Spongebob around the map to uncover the coveted treasure.  As you progress through the easy levels, the harder ones will unlock.  The game boasts an “unlimited” amount of treasure maps to choose from.

To dig for treasure, you select the square you want with the toggle button.  If you uncover one that doesn’t have treasure, a plankton will show up to tail you around.   They are pretty freaky looking, and can trap you really quickly.  So, watch out!

Spongebob’s Treasure Quest is written in the same goofy way that we know and love from the TV show.  I couldn’t help but chuckle a few times at the exchange between Spongebob and Patrick.  The graphics are pretty clean and easy to see.  The squares on the grid are nice and big, which helps a lot with navigation.

The only concern I would have is that the constant use of the 5-way toggle button can get cumbersome.  That is a common issue with most Kindle  games, however.   Just be careful that you don’t try to go too fast around the grid, or you’ll accidentally run into some obnoxious plankton tails.

There are some clues that are important to take note of.  On the top of each row and column, there are numbers that tell you how much treasure is in that row or column.  Those numbers come in handy, and so do the various objects that are scattered around the grid.  The objects are roadblocks, but at least you know for sure that there is no treasure underneath them.

Spongebob’s Treasure Quest is compatible with the latest generation Kindle, as well as earliier generation models.

David Barry

“We’re huge fans of SpongeBob in our house. Downloaded this app for my kids; great game. I had thought that the Kindle wouldn’t cope that well with its black and white screens, but the game works surprisingly well! It has various levels of difficulty too, and I found myself having trouble beating some of the more challenging levels. It’s a great combination of original classics Sudoku and Snake.”

Hangman 4 Kids

Hangman 4 Kids is a good game for both kids and adults who find the original Hangman too challenging.

Hangman 4 Kids covers different categories like food, movies, careers, and science.  The category is your big clue.  After I realized that they were even there, I did much better at the games.  All of the words are popular, well known movies that most kids are familiar with.  Hit Disney movies pop up often.

This fun Kindle game is just your basic Hangman game with a little flair.  The hangman figure changes with each game.  So, you never know if you’ll get a snowman, a stick figure, or a gingerbread man.

Sonic Boom has done a great job with the graphics and overall design of this game.  I had no problem seeing any of the letters or fill ins.  The Help section is there if you need it, but you should be able to just jump right in.  What helps the most is that most people learn how to play Hangman at a young age.

You do have to be careful with the letters you choose.  The incorrect answers add up quickly.  The best trick is to just figure out the words or phrase from context.  That is a good strategy on top of the “vowels first” tip.

As with most Kindle games, you have to use the 5-way toggle button to navigate the menu options.  But, you can use the keyboard to fill in the letters.  Once you complete a game correctly or incorrectly, it will give you the correct answer and prompt you to move on to the next game.

Hangman 4 Kids is a fun way to entertain your kids and it also helps improve their vocabulary and trivia knowledge.  Best of all, it gives them the opportunity to learn how to use a Kindle.

Amy Kochensbarger

“I purchased this Kindle game for my first grade son (age 7). He is an avid reader and loves to play Hangman in the car…so I eagerly purchased this game when it was on sale. The game is easy to play and the hang-man images are not all the same: some are a snowman who slowly melts with each wrong letter, one is a gingerbread cookie who gets another bite out of it each time a wrong letter is guessed. Some of the categories are challening for my first grader, but that will give him room to grow. We all enjoy this game. I highly recommend this game for the Kindle…it works great on both the Kindle 2 and Kindle 3 (3rd gen). “

Math Star

Math Star is an excellent game for both kids and adults.  I never was a math person, but it was good to have a refresher.

The thing that impressed me the most about this game is the graphics.  Every Kindle game developer should take note of how clear, big, and easy to see everything was.  The only drawback was having to use the keyboard.  Since the keys are so small, sometimes it was hard to press the right shortcut quickly enough.

Math Star begins with an introduction by Professor Plank.  He’s a goofy looking old man who guides you through all of the different games and other math questions.  Math Star calculates the difficulty level by your age.  At 27, I got double digit addition and subtraction problems.  You have to unlock the multiplication and division problems once you complete the addition and subtraction ones.

Once you get into the menu, there are several options to select.  You can choose to play the main game which is a larger set of addition and subtraction problems.  Or, you can play quick games that consist of ten questions.  They’re all timed, so you have to move quickly.  I suggest acclimating yourself with the keyboard before you start.  I messed up a few times before I got the hang of it and was able to move quickly.

You’ll be using the keyboard a lot for Math Star.  That is good because it doesn’t over tax the Kindle’s 5-way toggle button.  The keys they have you select are pretty logical, just running down the keyboard vertically.  So you aren’t going all over it to select your answers.

I love that there are fun, interactive math learning tools like Math Star out there.  It can go a long way in getting kids to learn math, who otherwise wouldn’t.

Puzzle.tv also has a spelling equivalent to Math Star called Spelling Star.  It is set up the same way.  Other math games for Kindle are Ultimate Math Skills Quiz and Flash Cards: Basic Math for Kids.


“This game is GREAT for kids and adults! It bases your starting level on your age and allows you to move up from there. My 6 year old has fun with addition and subtraction games with one caveat: the game developer(s) have included a timer for each game at each level. For the younger players this is VERY stressful while they’re still learning. I would recommend that a “relaxed game” mode be incorporated as an upgrade for this game. After all, it’s supposed to be a learning game…give the kiddies time to think instead of the pressure of a timer (at least at the lower levels). Otherwise this is a GREAT game! “

Ghostboy and the Nameless Grave

Ghostboy and the Nameless Grave is an interactive fiction Kindle book for kids.  The black and white e-ink screen fits the mood of the book really well.  It is written in an easy style that kids can understand and enjoy.

The book is set up kind of like a comic book with the cartoon like graphics.  You get to choose a character that is male or female with any name you want.  Your character is Tristan’s (Ghostboy) best friend.

Along the way, you get to answer questions that determine the direction the story will go.  It doesn’t really affect the outcome overall, but it gives you choices to explore extra parts if you want.

Tristan and his mom live in an old house that is said to be haunted by an old lady.  Boy, the front door is scary.  Good thing Tristan has a camper to retreat to.

With the help of his friend Miranda and your character, Tristan sets off to help the ghost girl who is lost and needs to find her parents.  Tristan checks out a book on ghosts from the library.  It was funny to see the librarian with a bun and glasses.  That’s the age old stereotype for librarians.

Ghostboy is a great book for Halloween.  You and your child can have a lot of fun together solving riddles and answer the questions.  The interactive nature of the book gives you the nudge to pay attention to the details.  Some will show up later so it is helpful to remember them.

The book does a good job with telling you how to get through each section.  Use the Kindle’s next page button to go through the book.  When you need to select answers, use the toggle button.  You’ll need to use the keyboard to solve riddles and fill in the blank questions.

The only suggestion I have for Ghostboy and the Nameless Grave is to include a font size adjustment.  The text was kind of small.  The graphics may be a bit too spooky for young children.  It is up to the parents to decide on that factor though.

Elizabeth Wood

“My son loved this book! It’s like a combo book/game – too cool. He’s been reading/playing for 3 nights straight, and wants to know if there are any more available. ”

Proud Mom of Two

“This is a great book. My second grader loves it and wants more. It’s a lot of fun.
The reason why I gave it only 4 stars is that I wish the text was a little better quality. I understand it’s not great literature, but I don’t think that only the fun factor should be taken into consideration. That said, I’d buy #2 in a heartbeat! “

Ultimate Math Skills Quiz

So many kids either struggle or dislike solving math problems.  Math is so much more fun when it is part of a game.  Ultimate Math Skills Quiz for the Kindle is a worthwhile math game for kids of upper elementary school  and middle school age to try.

All of HandyX’s Kindle quiz games are set up pretty much the same way.  Ultimate Math Quiz has four sections: Continuous, Round by Round, and then Continuous and Round by Round with Countdown.

I’m more of a casual player, but using the timer can be a great way of improving speed and accuracy.  This can come in handy as practice for timed standardized tests.

There are 1000 math questions in Ultimate Math Quiz.  they are not basic addition and subtraction.  They’re more upper  elementary level math with fractions and division.  The questions range from basic math to algebra and geometry.  Wow, it would have been great to have such interactive supplements to my math homework when I was in school.

The graphics are excellent.  You just follow the game’s lead when it prompts you to move throught he questions.  You can consult the help section if you need it, but for the most part, everything is pretty intuitive.  The Kindle toggle button is the only button you’ll need.

There are other math game son the Kindle worth checking out: Math Star and Flashcards: Basic Math for Kids.  Each of them have their own game styles.  So I think they are all worth checking into.  The more math practice kids can get early on, the better off they’ll be later on.

HandyX also has other quiz games in different subjects such as nature, music and literature.  They’re all set up the same way, and are quite challenging.  In addition to quizzing children on their knowledge, they’re great refreshers for adults as well.

So, I encourage you to check out Ultimate Math Quiz and the other math and other subject related games on the Kindle.  They’re fun, interactive, and best of all, cheap.


“It requires higher level math skills and thinking, rather than rote memorization of basic math facts. Questions include subjects such as: probability, exponents, value of x, negative numbers, the value of angles, reading a bar graph, order of operations, just to name a few… I also like that you get to choose between three possible answers, and they show you the correct answer if you make a mistake. Very happy my 7th grader will finally have a math game to play! ”

Ultimate Math Skills Quiz is now compatible with the latest generation keyboardless Kindle.

Flashcards: Animals for Kids

DigiRonin games is on to something with their Kindle game collection for kids. Flash Cards: Animals for Kids, is one of their games designed to help children learn and review the names of various animals. It provides a fun and interactive way to learn.

Flash Cards: Animals provides different methods of learning at various difficulty levels. You can start off easy with just a review of the names of animals, and work your way through medium and hard, which are multiple choice and fill in the blank.

DigiRonin does a good job with separating everything out by difficulty levels so that both younger and older children can benefit from the exercises.

Overall, the graphics are easy to navigate. The Kindle’s 5 way toggle gets you through the menu and guides you through the exercises. Notice that if you get an exercise right, it will automatically move on to the next one. If you get it wrong, it will stop and let you review the answer before moving on.

I will admit that some of the pictures of the animals were a little confusing. I missed some of them because the animals were drawn in a different way than I would have pictured it. Considering how the e-ink Kindle platform is designed, the options are kind of limited.

I found some of the questions challenging because I am not that good at remembering what some animals look like, such as the llama, platypus, or the anteater. They’re not ones I see or hear about too often so, they’re kind of fuzzy in my memory.

Pictures aside, I think Flashcards: Animals for Kids is a great supplement to what kids are learning in the classroom.  Also look for more educational apps from DigiRonin Games on spelling and math skills.


“My son loves the pictures (and to be able to push the button). There are some different animals in the cards and they are not the same ones every time. But we guess the animal together and then push the button for the name and we can touch the name and the picture without wearing them out! He also likes to do it because he sees me read my kindle and he wants to “read” it too….it is something we do together using mommy’s magic book. We haven’t done the spelling yet but I am sure it will entertain my 8 year old niece when she visits. “

Tic Tac Toe

With a little strategy, Tic Tac Toe by 7 Dragons can be one of the easiest games out there.  The Kindle version is well done, and does its best in simulating the pencil and paper versions.  It includes three difficulty levels, large, easy to read graphics, and includes a good instruction manual.

You can play either the Kindle, or another player.  There are three difficulty level settings: easy, medium, and hard.  I beat them all pretty quickly using a good strategy that I found.

Tic Tac Toe is a good kid’s game because it teaches them how to play strategically.  In the “old” days you could find kids playing it when bored in class, or even on playground sets.  The Kindle player setting can help them get introduced to the game and work their way up in skill level.

For adults, I highly recommend playing in two player mode.  No matter how good and “human like” the Kindle gets as a player, it can never replace the real thing.  I also think that playing against another human being would be more interesting and challenging than playing even the hard Kindle player levels.

Tic Tac Toe is pretty intuitive as long as you know your way around the Kindle’s keys and the 5-way toggle.  I immediately just jumped in and started playing   You can choose whether you want to be “X” or “O” at the beginning of each game.

If you’re new to Kindle games, feel free to press the Menu button and click on the Help option.  You also can access the different difficulty levels from the Menu, which saves the hassle of returning to the Main Menu each time.

If you get tired of this particular version of Tic Tac Toe, you can always try out the other Tic Tac Toe and Tic Tac Toe 2 Player Kindle game that was designed by Jon Larimer.  In terms of quality and reviews, the 7 Dragons version is much better.

Samuel J. Perry

First of all, this is Tic Tac Toe, not ChessMaster Chess. It is a simple game that anyone with a reasonably good IQ will be able to beat or draw every single game, regardless of the difficulty level selected. It is good brain food for the children as they learn the algorithm themselves and reach the level of win/draw every game. I find it an excellent choice for my little daughter as she rides in the car, or just a nice distraction from time to time. It makes her feel good to do battle with a game that she can beat. I recommend this game, but dear me, remember it is Tic Tac Toe, nothing more, nothing less.

Tic Tac Toe is now compatible with the latest generation keyboardless Kindle.

Doodle for Kindle

I had a lot of fun playing Doodle for Kindle. It is a lot like Etch A Sketch, an old favorite drawing toy from childhood.

The Kindle’s e-ink platform is really similar to Etch A Sketch. Use the Kindle’s toggle button to draw a picture on the screen. You can customize the drawing speed and type.

Hold mode does faster and more precise drawings. This setting is great for more intricate designs. Automatic draws on its own while you guide with the cursor. Step by Step adds a line at a time, so it is good for stair steps or boxes.

Doodle for Kindle comes with a few sample drawings to get your creative juices flowing. They’re pretty elaborate. A couple of examples include the Mona Lisa and a swan. Take this as a fun opportunity to recreate something equally or more elaborate!

For those who aren’t that good at drawing, you can always just doodle for fun. I just like to dig in and create a bunch of random shapes. Sometimes the most random doodles can turn into a true work of art.

I think kids will love Doodle for Kindle because it provides an opportunity for them to use a “cool gadget.” For adults, this is a great way to keep your kids occupied for long periods of time in the car or waiting room.

I’ve seen so many reviewers of Kindle books and applications talk about how they wish there were more kid friendly options on the popular e-reader. Doodle for Kindle fits the bill perfectly.

Your primary drawing method is through the toggle button, but you can use keyboard shortcuts to switch between modes. Also, if you press the menu button on the Kindle, it gives some important options to choose from. They include clearing the drawing, resetting default drawings, and an about section that explains the basics of the app. You’ll also find an option to invert the colors from black on white to white on black. I thought that was pretty cool.

After going over the reviews, I was pleased to find that they are all positive. The average is 5 stars! Doodle for Kindle is a great app for a really inexpensive price.


“Pretty straight forward drawing app for the Kindle. Definitively good for keeping your kids busy during a car trip or for zoning out during a boring meeting. Does what it advertises and worth the one buck.”