Reversi Deluxe

Whew, Reveersi Deluxe is definitely a brain workout.  The object of the game is to end up with the most pieces at the end of a game.  In order to do this, you have to position your pieces to capture as many of your opponent’s pieces as possible.

I have to warn you, Reversi Deluxe is a challenge at even the beginner levels.  I felt like I was steamrolled by the Kindle’s pieces.  It takes practice though.  Place your pieces around your opponent’s so you can trap as many of their pieces as possible.

I liked the interface, and it fits into the look and feel of the Kindle’s e-ink display.  I could easily figure out where I needed to select my pieces.  Use the toggle button to select the pieces.  The only suggestion I have is to maybe make the dots a little bigger in the squares that are considered when capturing the opponent.

When you first enter Reversi Deluxe, there are several customizable settings available.  You can choose whether you want to be black or white, what player starts the game, and what level to play.  There is also an option to view valid moves.

Overall, Reversi Deluxe is a fun, challenging game that is great for all ages.  I encourage you to review the help section before and while you play.  It provides good tips when to make certain moves and more.

John Stenson

“Reversi Deluxe comes with many options that should satisfy every player. You have the ability to play against your Kindle, obviously choose which color you are playing (White or Black) and who will have the privilege of playing the first move. A nice touch also is the presence of statistics that keep track of all the games you played, how many you won vs lost, how many points you scored, etc… On the performance side, Kindle “thinking” time is quite fast, from 1 second at the beginner level to about 5 seconds when playing Expert.”

A good suggestion for Mobigloo to make note of:

J. Mosher

“If I may make another suggestion, it would be helpful if the beginner level had an option to show possible opponents moves that update with the cursor position; make them X’s or something distinct from the dots to distinguish them from the places you can move. ”

Reversi Deluxe is now compatible with the latest generation keyboardless Kindle.

Pirate Stash

Pirate Stash is part of Amazon’s own collection of free Kindle games.  So, this game works very nicely with the Kindle platform.

The object of Pirate Stash is to push a treasure chest full of gold to the “X” on a different part of the board.  It is a lot like navigating a maze.  Be careful about getting trapped in the corner!  The good news is, you can always hit the back button to undo your last move.

The puzzles start out super easy, but they get harder pretty quickly.  There are beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert levels.  In between you’ll find introduction and training to get you acclimated to the way the game is played.  I tried out the advanced and expert levels.  Those take some major strategic thinking skills.  The number of treasure chests you have to push increases as you advance through the levels as well.

Amazon has done a good job with the graphics.  They’re very clear and designed in a way that compliments the game.

Pirate Stash will keep you busy for awhile.  It includes a good sized collection of puzzles.  In order to move the treasure chest, you just use the Kindle’s 5-way toggle button.  One minor frustration for me was that the treasure chest got away from me because the toggle went faster than I intended.  Just be careful and don’t over use it.

You really can’t go wrong with downloading Pirate Stash.  It is a great quality game, and best of all, it is free.  Amazon also has a fair number of other good quality free Kindle games available to download.

Fun game for all ages!

kt simms

“I really like logical and strategic games and this is a great but simple one. The graphics are very clear – right down to his peg leg and his footprints in the sand. There are 118 puzzles (if you count the introduction and advanced training puzzles) in 7 different categories, with each category growing progressively more challenging to solve. It includes the standard game features (restart, undo, timer, reveal solution, leave the game and return to it, etc.). The “Undo” is great in that you can reverse move after move rather than only being able to undo the last one. I also like that the timer doesn’t start until you make your first move, giving you a bit of time to assess the board and plan your moves. ”

Pirate Stash is now compatible with the latest generation keyboardless Kindle.

Kindle 4 Apps

Not all Kindle applications work on the newest Kindle 4 model without a keyboard ($79 with special offers and $99 without). If you are purchased apps in the past for your Kindle 2 or Kindle 3, these apps will show up in the “Archived Items”. But when you will try to download them you will get a message telling you “Item Not Available – This item is not available for this device type”.

Amazon has foreseen that trying to use apps designed for physical keyboard on a device that doesn’t have it will not be enjoyable. So they hand-picked 20 applications that don’t rely on keyboard and would do just fine with 5-way controller.

If you just purchased Kindle 4 or planning to and are wondering which apps will run on your device, here’s a list of 20 (out of 145) Kindle app titles that do well without a keyboard:

I’ll keep updating this list periodically and will update app reviews themselves with list of Kindle platforms that app supports.