Big Holiday Kindle Game Sale

I wrote an earlier post about the holiday themed Kindle games that were released at the beginning of December.  Now, with the holidays upon us, there are several more that have been added to the collection.  All games are going for a great deal at $.99.

Christmas Cocoa Stand is a unique strategy game for all ages.  The object of the game is the sell the most cocoa each day.  In order to do so, you have to maximize the flavor and keep track of how many customers you have.  The better your cocoa tastes, the more customers you’ll get.  It is a good way to teach kids some simple business tricks.  Yet, it also provides enough challenge to make it enjoyable for adults.  This game is one of the top rated in the list of holiday games.

If you’re looking for some adventure, check out Mystery Castle: Winter’s Night.  Mystery Castle; Dawn of Illusion’s Monty returns to tackle the demons of the Ice Palace.  Build bridges and blow up barriers with bombs.  Lots of fun with a wintery twist.

 Mahjong Solitaire Holiday Edition is similar to the original version that consists of uncovering matching tiles.  This game takes a little strategic thinking because you can’t just uncover any tile.  Tiles can be matched when they’re not attached to adjoining tiles.  There are 10 games to choose from with two holiday sets.  So, instead of matching up shapes, you’ll be matching up pictures that go with the season.  This game is compatible with the Kindle Touch.

Snakes Christmas is just a holiday themed version of the simple game: Snakes Basic.  The object is to collect as many pellets as you can without running into your growing tail.  It gets a bit tricky once the snake gets longer, and you can make it go faster in the medium or hard levels.

If you’re planning a trivia night or are spending a lot of time in the car over the holidays, Ultimate Christmas Quiz might be a good game to try.  HandyX has a number of quizzes and all of them can be quite challenging.  So, this is a great game for teens and adults.  Test your knowledge on all things Christmas, and see how well you do.  The questions tend to run in strings of hard ones, then an easy one will pop up to give you a breather.  you can challenge yourself further by adding a timer.

Puzzazz is offering a holiday collection of word games for free called Puzzazz Holiday Gift.  The collection includes word searches and Sudoku and Wordoku puzzles.

Not a bad collection of holiday games for Kindle.  All are available for Kindle devices up to the 4th generation with a few available for the Kindle Touch.  The $.99 sale runs until January 2.  Happy Holidays!

Trivial Pursuit Master Edition

One of the things that you will definitely notice in EA Kindle games over others is the quality, which makes them a little more expensive.  Trivial Pursuit is no exception.

I thought the Kindle version of Trivial Pursuit was a good game.  The biggest advantage of it over the regular board game is portability.  You don’t have to worry about losing pieces when you travel.

The game includes three modes: Classic, Pursuit, and Pass N’ Play.  The Classic Mode is the same type of thing as the regular board game.  You roll the dice and answer questions in literature, entertainment, science and history.  I am really bad at trivia, but I learned a lot as I went through the questions.

Pursuit is a timed game.  You have to answer quests and get across a board in as few moves as possible before the time runs out.  Work to improve your speed strategies and trivia skills as you race against the clock.

Pass N’ Play is the traditional game, but instead of playing against the Kindle, you can play against family or friends.  I always go for playing against human beings over a computer, don’t you?

The graphics are great, but the subject symbols on the board were a little hard to see.  I take into account that EA has a lot to fit into such a small screen.  I really like that there is a tutorial to guide you.

The reviews overall were not very favorable.  One thing I noticed in several reviews was that Trivial Pursuit focused on a lot of entertainment questions across all subjects.  From what I’ve seen, the questions seem to fit into their respective subjects.

Trivia Pursuit is available on the newest generation Kindle as well as older models.

Jeremy Johnson

“This game works well on the kindle and I enjoyed playing it. Games includes 3 modes; Classic: which is your normal trivial pursuit, you can select if you want a computer opponent to play against and their difficulty as well as how many tokens you need to win. Pursuit Mode: which is a single player mode where you try to get from start to finish in the least amount of questions. You can move 1-6 spaces depending on how quickly you answer and even if you get it wrong you still move 1 space. At the end it gives you 1, 2, or 3 stars depending on how many questions you saw. Pass N play is a group mode that you can play with your friends. In pass n play mode you can still select Classic or Pursuit mode.”


Ultimate Halloween Quiz

HandyX has a number of subject based quizzes that cover literature, science, nature, math and pop culture.

It is only natural that they would add a Halloween Quiz to their growing collection.  Out of all of the Halloween Kindle apps, I’m the most excited about this one because it can make for a fun trivia night.  Get ready for some spooky trivia fun!

Ultimate Halloween Quiz might be more geared towards adults and teens than kids because of the challenging nature of the questions.  There were a number of movie titles that I didn’t recognize, but a horror movie buff would probably know a lot better.

Usually the quizzes are set up so that you might go through a string of really hard questions, then get an easy one.  I laughed out of comic relief when I got the first easy one.  Know anything about witches?

So here’s a little sample of the types of questions I’ve seen.  There are 500 total.  That is about half the amount that are in the other quiz games. I’ve seen questions about Halloween movies, candy, history, and magic, and more.

Did you know that there is such a thing as Rocky Road crunch bars?  I’ve only heard of Rocky Road Ice Cream.  The unique questions even for something like candy certainly makes Ultimate Halloween Quiz a lot more interesting.

The game is set up as:   Continuous and Round by Round Untimed, and Continuous and Round by Round Timed.  I prefer working through the whole set at my own pace because I don’t do as well against the clock, but others might prefer to work on both speed and knowledge.

The Round by Round set up would be perfect for a Halloween party.  I’m thinking teams that can race each other to answer each question.  The team with the most right answers win.  It would work well on an individual competition basis.

The navigation is through the Kindle’s 5-way toggle button.  Use it to select your answer, then the game will prompt you to select your final answer.  With the movies I just guessed my way through, but found that if I went with my gut instinct, I got more right.  Some of it can be done through context as well.

I didn’t have any problem figuring out where to select my answers.  If you are new to the game or Kindle games in general, there is a help guide available.

Ultimate Halloween Quiz is only 0.99, and is available on the latest generation $79 Kindle, as well as earlier models.




Ultimate Shakespeare Quiz

All of HandyX”s Kindle quizzes are set up the same way, and Ultimate Shakespeare Quiz is no different.  I took a Shakespeare class in college as part of my English major, and going through the questions in this app reminded me of a lot of the plays and ideas I learned in that class.

Ultimate Shakespeare Quiz includes questions about a great many of Shakespeare plays, as well as additional facts from the sixteenth century.

There are plays mentioned that everyone recognizes such as Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, as well as more obscure plays that are not quite as familiar unless you are a fan of Shakespeare’s plays, or have taken a class on them.

You can play either casually through all 1000 questions, or you can go round by round.  If you want to test your speed, you can use the timer.

When you go through the questions, you’ll go through a string of hard ones, and then get a really easy one.  It is almost like comic relief.

The hardest questions for me were the quotes from the plays.  You really need to be familiar with the different plays: Merchant of Venice, King Lear, etc, in order to answer the questions. But one trick that helped me was knowing the characters’ names.

HandyX really presents a good challenge with their Kindle quizzes.  I’m not sure very many children can answer them, but they’re great trivia for adults on a long car ride or any other similar type situations.

So, overall, I was able to refresh my memory from Shakespeare class, and also learn new and interesting terms and definitions from Shakespeare’s time.


“I got this for my Kindle at a great deal. This game is the most begged for in our car as well as for afternoon activities. It came in handy one morning when we were dealing with a neighborhood crisis and my 10 year old grabbed my Kindle. I think She is half way through and only missed 3 questions. I’d recommend this for all parents who want to supplement their children’s education and since it is on the Kindle it is quiet when you need your children to be quiet. Though in our case my children get loud over who said what in Hamlet or a Midsummer”s Night Dream and a few others that they are quite familiar with.
This game is addictive!”

Ultimate Shakespeare Quiz is now compatible with the latest generation keyboardless Kindle.

Ultimate Music Quiz

The Ultimate Music Quiz was a lot harder for me than it might be for someone who is more in tune with pop culture and famous music icons.  I love music, but I tend to pay a lot more attention to the songs and how they’re played, than the singers behind them.  I guessed my way through a lot of the questions, but at the same time, I learned a lot about famous singers and bands from the past 40 years.  It would be cool if HandyX made a Classical Music edition.  I know a little more about classical composers than modern ones.

There are a good mix of questions from new and old music: the Bee Gees, Elvis, Beach Boys, The Beatles,, Aaliyah, Beyonce, and much much more.

As with the rest of the Ultimate Quiz topics by HandyX, there are 1000 questions.  they range in difficulty, but all of the questions are mixed up.  You may get an easy question in the middle of a string of hard ones.  How difficult the questions really are, depends a lot on your music knowledge.

The interface and overall design of Ultimate Music Quiz are very simple and easy to use.  Just use the Kindle’s 5-way toggle button to select and answer each question.  the questions are aall written in a large, easy to read font.

There are two trivia types to choose form.  Continuous and Round by Round.  There are also separate versions of each of these if you want to play with a timer.

Ultimate Music Quiz is best for ages 13 and up.  Both teenagers and adults can enjoy these questions because it covers such a broad span of history in the music world.

There is one review so far.  I’d like to see more people post reviews so there can be a better idea of what people from varying degrees of musical knowledge think of Ultimate Music Quiz.

.If you aren’t that into music, but enjoy nature, movies, or even poetry, there are other similar trivia games: Ultimate Movie Quiz, Ultimate Nature Quiz, and Ultimate Shakespeare Quiz by HandyX that are worth checking out.


“I bought this book for my Kindle and love it. I take it along anytime we are going on a road trip. My husband is a music lover and he likes me to read the questions to him while he is driving. It helps keep us both alert on the road.”

Ultimate Math Skills Quiz is now compatible with the latest generation keyboardless Kindle.

Ultimate Math Skills Quiz

So many kids either struggle or dislike solving math problems.  Math is so much more fun when it is part of a game.  Ultimate Math Skills Quiz for the Kindle is a worthwhile math game for kids of upper elementary school  and middle school age to try.

All of HandyX’s Kindle quiz games are set up pretty much the same way.  Ultimate Math Quiz has four sections: Continuous, Round by Round, and then Continuous and Round by Round with Countdown.

I’m more of a casual player, but using the timer can be a great way of improving speed and accuracy.  This can come in handy as practice for timed standardized tests.

There are 1000 math questions in Ultimate Math Quiz.  they are not basic addition and subtraction.  They’re more upper  elementary level math with fractions and division.  The questions range from basic math to algebra and geometry.  Wow, it would have been great to have such interactive supplements to my math homework when I was in school.

The graphics are excellent.  You just follow the game’s lead when it prompts you to move throught he questions.  You can consult the help section if you need it, but for the most part, everything is pretty intuitive.  The Kindle toggle button is the only button you’ll need.

There are other math game son the Kindle worth checking out: Math Star and Flashcards: Basic Math for Kids.  Each of them have their own game styles.  So I think they are all worth checking into.  The more math practice kids can get early on, the better off they’ll be later on.

HandyX also has other quiz games in different subjects such as nature, music and literature.  They’re all set up the same way, and are quite challenging.  In addition to quizzing children on their knowledge, they’re great refreshers for adults as well.

So, I encourage you to check out Ultimate Math Quiz and the other math and other subject related games on the Kindle.  They’re fun, interactive, and best of all, cheap.


“It requires higher level math skills and thinking, rather than rote memorization of basic math facts. Questions include subjects such as: probability, exponents, value of x, negative numbers, the value of angles, reading a bar graph, order of operations, just to name a few… I also like that you get to choose between three possible answers, and they show you the correct answer if you make a mistake. Very happy my 7th grader will finally have a math game to play! ”

Ultimate Math Skills Quiz is now compatible with the latest generation keyboardless Kindle.

Ultimate Nature Quiz

Wow, Ultimate Nature Quiz was hard!  I only got about 10 out of 20 correct with my first try.  You choose between continuous questions or round by round.  There are 1000 questions total, so the continuous one will go through all of them.  Once you finish, you’ll definitely know science and nature really well.

You’ll get a string of really hard questions, but then there will be a really easy one to provide some relief.  I spent a lot of time guessing.  I don’t know about you, but I find that a lot of the time, my gut choice is the right one.  The format is multiple choice.

In some ways, kids might be able to answer these questions better than adults.  Facts from earth science is fresher on their minds.  Who remembers their dinosaurs and amphibian facts?

I learned a lot of interesting trivia as I navigated through the questions.  Some questions are tricky because the answers are ones you’d least expect.  Keeps the brain working.

The questions you get correct get cleared from the database.  If you get them wrong, they’ll show up again later. The Kindle’s 5-way toggle navigates you through the questions.  If you want to improve on your speed, you can add the countdown timer.

Everything is pretty easy to navigate.  The questions are clear, and you can easily make your selections.

The only real suggestion I have for future editions is that maybe Ultimate Nature Quiz can include separate sections for varying levels of difficulty.  Easy, medium, and hard sections would provide a learning experience for people of all knowledge abilities.

I wish there were more reviews so that there can be a better reflection of how people feel about Ultimate Nature Quiz.  If you love trivia, especially science trivia, I recommend this one.  It won’t set you back too much at just $2.

Evangelina Claridy

“Since I got the Ultimate Nature Quiz I can’t put it down. I even find myself playing it more than I read my books.
I have been asking my sons and husband questions from it and they try to see who is going to get the right answer.
Even when I went to the local library, the librarians and I were playing it! We had so much fun! One of the librarians even wrote down the name of the game so that she can purchase it after purchasing her own Kindle! Best buy I’ve done so far since I bought my Kindle a month ago. 🙂 ”

Ultimate Nature Quiz is now compatible with the latest generation keyboardless Kindle.

Brain Bump Literature

Brain Bump is one of my favorite Kindle games so far. The trivia was pretty hard at times, but I recognized a lot of books and poems that I read as part of my English major in college.

The navigation is pretty simple, so you can just jump right into answering trivia questions. Use the 5-way toggle button on your Kindle to select the answers. Once you do that, the game moves right along to the next question.

I didn’t even notice this until I saw it in the product description, but there is a link in each question to the books that the question is referring to. You can take this opportunity to refresh your memory on the classics or explore new literature that you haven’t heard of. Best of all, a lot of the Kindle editions of the classics are free or really inexpensive.

If you get multiple questions right in a row, you go on a “brain streak.” This means that you get a lot more points: double, quadruple. If you miss a question and get knocked out of the streak, you don’t get any points. This is where the name “Brain Bump” comes from. For getting one question right, you get 15 points.

I found that even if I didn’t have a clue what the answer was, I just went with my gut answer. Usually it was right, believe it or not. I am ashamed to admit that I cheated on some and googled the answers to some that were really out there. It gave me a chance to learn more about the book or poem that the question was referring to.

I hope Fanmillion will add more trivia questions periodically. There are over 1000 in Brain Bump, but you can run through all of them pretty quickly. The questions also tend to get a little repetitive after awhile because some lead into others as you move along.

As a literature game, Brain Bump fits nicely into the purposes of the Kindle as a reading device.

Joel Waalkens

“While the average difficulty of the questions is fairly low, it certainly did maintain my interest for a few hours. I would be pleased if in some manner additional questions could be injected into the product as an update of some kind. A good variety of books but, as other reviewers have stated, a bit heavy on J.R.R. Tolkein’s works.”

Brain Bump Literature is now compatible with the latest generation keyboardless Kindle.