Doodle for Kindle

I had a lot of fun playing Doodle for Kindle. It is a lot like Etch A Sketch, an old favorite drawing toy from childhood.

The Kindle’s e-ink platform is really similar to Etch A Sketch. Use the Kindle’s toggle button to draw a picture on the screen. You can customize the drawing speed and type.

Hold mode does faster and more precise drawings. This setting is great for more intricate designs. Automatic draws on its own while you guide with the cursor. Step by Step adds a line at a time, so it is good for stair steps or boxes.

Doodle for Kindle comes with a few sample drawings to get your creative juices flowing. They’re pretty elaborate. A couple of examples include the Mona Lisa and a swan. Take this as a fun opportunity to recreate something equally or more elaborate!

For those who aren’t that good at drawing, you can always just doodle for fun. I just like to dig in and create a bunch of random shapes. Sometimes the most random doodles can turn into a true work of art.

I think kids will love Doodle for Kindle because it provides an opportunity for them to use a “cool gadget.” For adults, this is a great way to keep your kids occupied for long periods of time in the car or waiting room.

I’ve seen so many reviewers of Kindle books and applications talk about how they wish there were more kid friendly options on the popular e-reader. Doodle for Kindle fits the bill perfectly.

Your primary drawing method is through the toggle button, but you can use keyboard shortcuts to switch between modes. Also, if you press the menu button on the Kindle, it gives some important options to choose from. They include clearing the drawing, resetting default drawings, and an about section that explains the basics of the app. You’ll also find an option to invert the colors from black on white to white on black. I thought that was pretty cool.

After going over the reviews, I was pleased to find that they are all positive. The average is 5 stars! Doodle for Kindle is a great app for a really inexpensive price.


“Pretty straight forward drawing app for the Kindle. Definitively good for keeping your kids busy during a car trip or for zoning out during a boring meeting. Does what it advertises and worth the one buck.”