24-7 Spanish

Have you always wanted to learn Spanish, but just don’t have the time and money to take a course on it? 24-7 Spanish Basic Phrases and Vocabulary are worthwhile, inexpensive alternatives. There are also German, French, and Italian editions as well.  All of these applications come with a basic phrases and vocabulary version.

24-7 Spanish includes a study list, multiple choice, flashcards, write in’s, and a puzzle to familiarize you with introductory level Spanish words.  I found it helpful to review the Study List before anything else. So once you learn these phrases,, you can hold your own with greetings, get to know you’s, and more.

One of the most important things to learn in another language is how to order from a menu.  You’ll find food and drink terms in the vocabulary edition of the 24-7 Spanish series. Knowing what you’re ordering is a good thing!

I like the interactive nature of this tool. It makes you use the words and phrases as opposed to just memorizing them. With the puzzle, you actually fill in the words in a hangman style set up. Maybe future editions of the Kindle will include audio, so this tool can be used to learn how to pronounce the phrases as well.

As far as the graphics go, they’re pretty intuitive. You can navigate through the menus with the toggle button, except for when you actually have to write in the words. For those, you’ll use the Kindle’s keyboard. Press the menu button to go back to the categories page whenever you need to.

Vocabulary and Basic Phrases are set up the same way, and include flash cards, multiple choice, puzzles, and write in’s. The major differences are the categories, and that the vocabulary one is just words as opposed to phrases. I think they’re both useful to have because they apply to different situations.


” As a beginning spanish student, I really appreciate all the different techniques used to help me learn the words. Makes the learning fun and gamelike. Well done!”

I thought it might be good to hear from a language teacher’s point of view:

Jeremy Aldrich

“This program was well suited to my Kindle 3, and I appreciated that an effort was made to include some regionally distinct vocabulary (marked as LAm, Mex, or Sp). I’m not sure I’d call it “fun” as the product description does, but this is a well-thought-out program with a decent amount and variety of vocabulary, at a reasonable price. I hope there will be more like it for reviewing higher-level vocabulary and vocabulary in other languages. ”