Choice of the Vampire

Considering how popular the vampire genre is these days (Twilight anyone?), I think Choice of Games was smart to develop a Kindle gamebook that features a vampire as its main character. It is called Choice of the Vampire, and your character is a new vampire who is just getting the hang of his new life.  Choice of Games is also the creator of Choice of Broadsides, Affairs of the Court and more.  All of them are full of plot twists and turn that provide a lot of fun and entertainment.

The setting is 1815 New Orleans, so the major historical event of the time was the War of 1812.  You control your vampire’s relationships, and personality.  How much will your vampire traits take over your human traits, and what is your relationship with your fellow vampires?

Graphics wise, Choice of the Vampire is set up the same way as the other game books made by this company. You start out by setting up your character’s traits.  Then, you can read through the story and select different paths to take with the Kindle’s toggle button.  The navigation is pretty straightforward.  I wish the text was bigger, but more can fit on the page with the smaller font size.

One aspect of Choice of the Vampire that I really like is that you can choose between romance, redemption, or power.  There is an option for all preferences that way.  Not everyone likes cheesy love stories!

Out of all of the Choice of Games books, I like this one the best.  All of the books are historical, but I like the extra twist of putting a vampire into historical context.

Ingrid Orlow

“I have enjoyed all of the ‘choice of’ games, and this is an excellent one. Full of twists, complex characters, and the general aura of mysery and danger that surrounds vampires. I would not reccomend this game for anyone under the age of 12 though. 🙂 ”

Steffie C

“I purchased this because I love the vampire genre. This is a fun book/game to read. I want to stress that this is more like a book than a game. As you read through the page, you are given options as to how your “character” will continue. I love being able to make the story go in the direction I want, I hate reading a book and thinking, “they shouldn’t have done that!”. In this case, you are almost an author of your own story, and no two stories will be the same. “

Choice of Broadsides

Choice of Broadsides is part of the collection of interactive fiction books created by Choice of Games for the Kindle.  Others include Affairs of the Court and Choice of the Dragon.

Your character is a member of the navy.  You can start out at the top, or work your way up from the bottom.  You will use your leadership, sailing and battle expertise to protect your crew from the enemy ships  The outcome of the story depends on what options you pick.

My character was a young woman, with a crew of all women.  You have a choice of names that you can choose from.  I held my breath whenever I made a choice on what battle actions to take.  The results were not always what I expected them to be.

The setting is fictional.  Choice of Broadsides includes of fictional names and weapons as well.  That makes the adventure much more entertaining.

The game is quick.  It only takes you about thirty minutes to finish one if you move at a steady pace.  I am curious to see how widely the outcomes vary if you choose different characters and select different options.  The general plotline stays the same no matter what story you pick, however.  You can always restart the game by selecting that option from the menu.

When you first start the game, you get to customize your character’s traits.  You get to gauge how good they are at leadership, sailing, and in battle.  Remember the choices you made throughout the game so that you can shape your character’s decisions through them.

As far as graphics go, Choice of Broadsides is mostly text, so that makes it fairly easy to navigate.  When you have to answer questions, you can just select your answer with the 5-way toggle.  I wish the font size could be adjusted. that would be very helpful for anyone who has less than perfect vision.

Dang Lad

“Above the gaming and interactive portion of the book, I actually really enjoyed the writing. I know almost nothing about sailing and ranks, but the text almost forces you to role play. It’s also phenomenal being able to rely upon the Kindle dictionary when you see a word you’re not familiar with.”


“As other reviewers have commented, the story of your character is not particularly long. That is, your career can be completed in one sitting. However, if you play through the career of only one character you are missing a lot of what this medium has to offer. The re-playability provided by the interactive fiction makes Choice of Broadsides a great value for the price. ”