Anywhere Stopwatch

Anywhere Stopwatch is a simple Kindle tool to help track your time for whatever reason. Whether you want to time your exercise, or something in the oven, you can use Anywhere Stopwatch to monitor it.

The graphics are easy to see, and you can choose from two different themes. The Kindle’s 5-way toggle button is used to navigate through the application. You can choose to show the time, or laps. You can start or stop the clock pretty easily by just selecting the option. Everything you need is on one screen.

The clock keeps going as you read, so you don’t get interrupted or have any kind of audio reminders. I wish it had some sort of indicator to mark progress without having to actually go into the application. I think many users would appreciate a beep or some other audio signal.

I think Stopwatch and Timer has better graphics and more features. Considering the purposes of these applications, you can’t really go wrong with either one.

Anywhere Stopwatch also includes a timer and dial that shows elapsed time. You can save your times to review later. I don’t think most people would want to run with their Kindles just to use the stopwatch, but it is quite handy on exercise equipment and for timing your kids or friends.

Nickel Buddy also has a collection of exercise apps: Anywhere Legs, Anywhere Abs, and My Yoga Studio. They’re all great apps and have great reviews. If the audio issue can be resolved, than these would be even better

One tip to make note of is: refer to the Help option in the menu. Anywhere Stopwatch is pretty easy to navigate overall, but there are some helpful keyboard shortcuts and explanations of what is what that are there if you need them.

Ed Pegg

“Anywhere Stopwatch is the better product, mainly due to superior graphics. Take a look at the screenshots. These are believable timers and stopwatches.

Kindle has a built in clock — just press the Menu button and look at the top. However, it would have been very nice if an actual large clock could have been included in this program. Also, the timer lacks a sound function, which is likely more a fault of Kindle programming restrictions. ”

Just Me

“This semester at college I am taking a speech class and have to time my speeches as I practice. This app works PERFECTLY for that. I needed a timer that I can start and stop without looking at it. It is simple to use and keeps me on time.”