Battleship is the latest to join top quality Kindle games by Electronic Arts.  It is one of my favorite games from childhood, so I am stoked to see it on the Kindle.

Battleship is a two player game, and each player strategically places ships around the board.  The object is to destroy your opponent’s ships before they can destroy yours.

The best part about the Kindle edition of Battleship is that it is much more portable.  The regular version includes a bunch of bits and pieces that can be easy to lose.  Lots of family fun to be had, especially with the heavy travel going on during the holiday season.

The Kindle edition includes three different modes: Classic, Salvo, and Superweapon.  Classic is the traditional battleship game with opponents going back and forth with one shot.  Salvo allows for the amount of shots as ships you have available.  Superweapon has multiple shots going at once.  I can imagine how much fun and chaotic that mode can get!

There are quite a few customizations in that can be applied based on the player’s preferences.  The ships can be placed automatically, or manually.  You can also choose to play against the Kindle, or against a friend in Pass ‘N Play mode.

All navigation is done via the 5-way toggle button.  It did get away from me at times when trying to position my shots, but overall it worked fine.  The graphics are great.  There is a well written help section if you need it.

The only thing I wish the Kindle could do with Battleship is call out the coordinates and ships sunk like the original version does.  That is one of my favorite parts of the game.

This is a really good time to grab any of the Electronic Arts Kindle games because they are going for a steep discount.  Normally $4.99, they are all currently $.99.  So, stock up while they’re cheap.  Electronic Arts has some of the best games out there for the Kindle.

Battleship is available on the latest generation Kindle, as well as earlier models.

Battleship has the best reviews so far that I’ve seen in awhile.  Nothing less than 5 stars.

J. Chambers

“I loved to play the old board game version of Battleship when I was a kid many years ago. Since then I’ve played it in a number of electronic versions, but the Kindle is a perfect platform for this game. The 5-way controller is all you need to choose where to attack the enemy ships, and the monochrome graphics are excellent for displaying the ship locations.”