I encourage you to try Blossom for Kindle.  It is such a fun game.  You connect pipes to a watering can to irrigate flowers.   There is a long history of pipe connect style games for computers.  Blossom is a variation of those.

Blossom takes a bit of strategy and moving around.  I connected pipes, then ended up with ones that were left over.  The good thing is, you can easily undo and keep working towards getting all of the pipes connected to the watering can.  It took me awhile to get all of the pipes connected to get all of the flowers watered.  If you get stuck, you can always press “H” to access the hints.

If you are familiar with Kindle games, you can probably just jump right into playing Blossom, since it only requires navigating with the toggle button..  If you are new to Kindle games and how they’re set up, feel free to check out Blossom’s Help section.

There are 120 puzzles. The difficulty levels range from easy to expert and have 30 puzzles in each difficulty level.  As the difficulty level increases, the puzzles get bigger.  So, there are more pipes and flowers to connect.

The navigation is pretty simple.  The Kindle’s-5-way toggle button rotates the pipes around.  The graphics are easy to see, and I think this game works well with the e-ink platform.

Blossom has excellent reviews.  One suggestion for Braintonik is to allow time after a completed game for the player to review their results.  This can be helpful for improving strategy and speed.

Julie Schmidt

“I love this game. After reading the other reviews I remember I had a game with vines and flowers for my computer. This is the same idea you connect the water supply to the flowers, when connected the flowers bloom. The neat thing is the flowers bloom differently depending on which side the water comes from. I have completed the Easy, Medium, and Difficult levels. I was delighted to find there is an Expert level. I was going to have to start over or find something else to do! Now I have a few more days of enjoyment. You will not regret buying this game. :)”

Catherine Shaffer

“This game is very easy to learn and understand, even without reading the tutorial/how-to. Clicking the boxes to rotate pieces, making sure they line up with the water source and the flowers (pipes turn black when water is flowing; flowers “bloom” when water reaches them). There’s some strategy added to it, but, on easy, this game can seem like an easy relaxer instead of a splitting headache.”