Blossom Halloween Edition

If you aren’t familiar with Blossom, it is a connection game. The original Blossom game connects flowers to a watering can.  There are a variety of pipe irrigation games that go back to the 1990’s at least, and are available on the PC.

Just in time for Halloween, Braintonik Games is offering a Halloween edition of Blossom. Instead of flowers, there are pumpkins. The pumpkins connect to a witch’s cauldron, and the potion makes them turn into jack o lanterns.

I’d be interested to learn how these games are designed to see how Braintonik can make the pumpkins become jack o lanterns, and how the flowers bloom.

Blossom Halloween Edition is addicting. The hard part is making sure you get all of the pipe connected. I spent a long time rearranging them so they all can connect. The pipes are L or T shaped.  So it takes a bit of finagling to get them to fit every part of the puzzle.

There is a hint feature that can help you out along the way. I definitely made good use of it.  It will fill in some of the pipes for you.

Navigation is primarily done with the Kindle’s 5-way toggle button. Just like with the original Blossom, you’ll use it to connect the pipes. The only time you really need the keyboard is to hit “H” for the hints.  Be careful with how much you play this game.  Turning the shapes around with the toggle button constantly might wear it out.

There are 120 puzzles ranging in difficulty level from easy to expert. The grid size increases as the difficulty level increases. If you need to pause or rest a puzzle, you can just press “menu” and the options to do so are there.  Even the beginner levels present a bit of a challenge, so you have plenty of puzzles to keep you for awhile.

The graphics are decent, but the pipes might could be a little easier to see. The newer the Kindle, the more crisp the display is, however.  Blossom Halloween Edition would be a great game for a color device device as well.

So grab this game while it is so inexpensive because it isn’t going to be  for too long.  It is a great game for all ages, and can be a fun Halloween activity for the whole family.

Blossom Halloween Edition is compatible with the $79 keyboardless Kindle, as well as the older models.