The Periodic Table of Elements

Braintonik Games is the creator of bestselling games: Futoshiki, Blossom, and Strimko.  So, any Kindle app made by this company is going to be top quality.  The Periodic Table of Elements is no exception.

There’s really not much to this tool except that it serves as a quick reference guide to the Periodic Table.  When you highlight each element such as Na (sodium) or Mg (Magnesium), then the box at the top will display the chemical attributes of each element.

It has been over 10 years since I took Chemistry, so I had forgotten about most of the elements.  Its one of those things where “if you don’t use it, you lose it.”  It was good to have a refresher though.

The Kindle‘s 6″ display is a small screen to cram the whole Periodic Table into, and still make it large enough to see.  The text used for the descriptions were on the small side, but it was still very readable.

Since Periodic Table of Elements is only one page, there are vary few menu and navigation options.  You just need the Kindle’s 5-way toggle to move across the table and select the elements.  Press menu, and it will give you the option to flip the screen.

Periodic Table of Elements is available on the latest generation Keyboardless Kindle, as well as older models.

The following reviewer mentions that it would be great if each element linked to a more detailed page about the selected element.  I think that is an excellent idea for future updates to the tool, but the current version definitely serves as a good quick reference guide.


“What would have qualified this product for 5 stars? If each element box acted as a link activating a more detailed page containing more data would have been great. There is a FREE Periodic Table available at the Amazon Kindle store. However that product has poor resolution on the table itself but has excellent detailed information on each element. So my suggestion would be to use this 99cents product as a brief overview and the free product for details should you need them.”

D. Webb

“I like this little Kindle app quite a bit. It’s a very handy reference for a science educator, student, or anyone who needs to refer to the Periodic Table of the Elements. It’s perhaps a bit basic; but it provides the essential information most people need from the Periodic Table. I think it’s an excellent value for a very reasonable price. “