If you use Google Calendar, you’ll recognize the interface in the Calendar Kindle app. You can set appointments in day, or month view. You can even set the frequency of the events, and set them to recur each week.

There is a rather in depth help manual included. It is a great reference guide if you need it.

Calendar includes backgrounds and headings. On special days such as holidays or birthdays, they’re marked with an “H” or a balloon. They looked kind of dark to me. They make a nice touch, but considering the greyscale Kindle platform, I’m not sure how much flair they really add to the calendar.

Press Menu to get where you need to go or review the help section. The 5-way toggle button is your primary mode of navigation, but the Help guide provides keyboard shortcuts.

The other calendar app for Kindle worth considering is Calendar Pro. It is simpler than Calendar, and a lot cleaner graphics wise. If you prefer cute little add ons and such, go with Calendar. If you want pure functionality and simplicity, go with Calendar Pro.

Calendar Pro’s Help section is a quick reference guide, and includes all of the keyboard shortcuts that you need.

As for the calendar itself, it is similar in set up to Calendar in that it has day, month, and year view. The biggest edge that Calendar has over Calendar Pro is recurring events. Many reviewers have mentioned this, and hopefully it recurring events will be integrated into the next version of Calendar Pro.  Keep an eye out for updates!

Another good suggestion, is syncing with Outlook or Google Calendar.  I’m really not sure how this would work with the Kindle setup, but it is a good suggestion, especially since so many people use either of those programs.

Calendar Pro’s day view is kind of small. It was hard for me to see the hour slots. However, the month view is awesome. It is big, and has a huge marker to help you navigate it.

Both apps also have an agenda section where you can make notes. You can set Calendar to remind you of your appointments. As crazy as my schedule is, that is a must have feature for me.

Marilyn Bouldin

“I just got the program today and it’s the best one I’ve tried so far and I’ve tried several. My only suggestion is that I wish I could update on my laptop as well, better keyboard and I could do it faster. I know I will get faster at it and I mainly bought it to help consolidate by college books, notes and calendar. It helps with the books, even though the book list is limited. I save my notes on my laptop and download to my kindle to study”