Puzzle Baron’s Cryptograms: Volume 1

Puzzle Baron was interesting because I picked up a lot of good philosopher’s quotes while playing. I was a little frustrated with the 5-way toggle button because it was hard to get it to position on the square I wanted.  Aside from that, I really enjoyed the game.  Catch Puzzle Baron while it is on sale for just .99 until September 12!

I solved a lot of the puzzles through context. The hint feature was really helpful in getting me started. I also read the Guide first to make sure I understood the basics of the game.

The guide provides some helpful tricks, like the most used letters in the alphabet, and lets you know that one letter works are either “I” or “A”. Two letter words are usually pretty easy to figure out too because they have common letters and vowels in them.

Your goal is the fill in letters until you complete the quote. When you fill in one letter, the same letter will be distributed across the board where appropriate.  I saw a lot of reviews praising this feature because it saves them a lot of time.

The Kindle’s menu button is your most handy tool. This is where you find the hints. You can also clear the game and start over. I had to do this once, because I got myself tangled up in a mess of letters that didn’t fit.

One part of solving cryptograms is figuring out what letters match to the numbers provided. If you can figure out the pattern, that can also help you solve the words. I mainly relied on the context clues, but kudos to those who can determine the number-letter patterns.

As far as navigation goes, I think the Oak Systems version runs a little smoother. Oak Systems has a specific cryptograms game called CodeWord, as well as Puzzle Pack 1, which includes cryptograms, as well as other fun puzzles.

Puzzle Baron has all 5 star reviews!

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“This is a very good cryptograms game. I really appreciate having the letter frequencies displayed. The one small complaint I have is that the cursor is a little slow to respond, but this is not uncommon with a lot of Kindle games (Amazon: beef up your processor!). I was also a little disappointed when I discovered that the quotations disappear after completing them (suggestion to the developer: leave the quotation intact, let us decide to delete the quotation or not).”


All I can say about CodeWord  for Kindle is, “wow”. I went in expecting to knock out a bunch of simple words and be done with the game in about 30 minutes.

That certainly wasn’t the case. There are 50 codeword puzzles and 50 cryptograms. So, you have a good sized selection. Be ready to put your brain to work because the vocabulary is quite challenging. You will find proper nouns and short phrases in there to shake things up.

The codeword puzzles are crossword puzzles basically. The game provides a few letters to get your started. At the bottom there is a grid and you fill in the letters that go with the numbers on the puzzle.

So, for example, for the number 9, you’ll find it on the puzzle, figure out what letter fits best in that particular block. If you can figure out the word from the ones already there, you are good, but be careful, the same number will be in other words too, so you will fill that same letter in for multiple words.

Cryptograms is really hard, especially for someone new to it like me. You have to figure out phrases by different famous figures such as Charles Dickens, Aristotle, or Helen Keller. The hard part is that you have to figure out what letters match up to the ones there. For example, for “A”, the letter to fill in might be “E”.

As for the graphics, they are really crisp and easy to see. The 5-way cursor moves easily through the grid. It took me a minute to figure out that I have to navigate the grid at the bottom, not the puzzle itself.

There are clues available, but use them sparingly because they penalize your time if you use them. If you get really stuck and want to give up, you can have the game just give you the whole solution. I did this for the first game just to get a better idea of what kind of words I was looking for. You can access these options by pressing “menu”.


“Display is great, easy to use, no delays, navigation is simple. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll go through the puzzles. I’ve had mine for 2 days, and I think I’ve completed more than 10 puzzles already. ”

If you enjoy crosswords, you’ll love CodeWord. It is a great way to expand your vocabulary and exercise your brain.