Everywhere Exercise

Americans are becoming more and more sedentary because of desk jobs and the lure of the couch and TV.

The good news is that some gadgets like the Kindle are being used as tools to help people get moving.  Everywhere Exercise has some good, simple exercises to do while sitting at the desk, or for the times when you have to sit and wait on something.

Everywhere Exercise includes four categories: Flexibility, Strength, Energy, and Places.

The Flexibility section includes a series of stretches that can be done anywhere.  The menu tells you whether they can be done in a sitting or standing position.

The Strength section is also a set of stretches, but they’re designed to improve strength instead of flexibility.  Going into this section I was really curious about how you can do strength exercises without weights.  But, you’re basically using your body as a form of resistance.  For example, one of the exercises is to pull your feet forward, but without moving them.

The Energy exercises are simple ways to get your heart rate up.  Shuffle or tap your feet while sitting.  Smile really big.  It releases endorphins and feels good.

The Places section is a mix of flexiblity, strength, and energy exercises specifically designed for sitting at the desk, watching TV, or waiting in line.

Log all of your exercises in the Exercise Log, and review the Help section before you begin.  As with any exercise routine, make sure you are physically able to do the routines so that you can prevent injuries.

All of the Kindle’s buttons are used to navigate Everywhere Exercise.  It tells you what keyboard shortcuts you can use.  The back button takes you back to the menu or whatever your previous page was.  Then, of course the 5-way toggle selects all of the options.

Everywhere Exercise is competition for the HandyX exercise routines.  I think the graphics are better in Everywhere Exercise.  The directions are clearer, and the pictures are easier to see.  All of the Kindle exercise apps are good to have because they’re inexpensive and don’t require any extra equipment.

Ed Pegg

“The program is probably meant as competition to My Yoga Studio. Everywhere Exerciser provides 31 exercises, complete with figures and instructions. There are also routines to follow, giving different ranges of exercises, depending on where you happen to be stuck at the time (in line, in a chair, watching TV, …). In addition, each exercise comes with its own timer, and the program can track logs.”