Poker of the Dead

Poker of the Dead is the craziest poker game I’ve ever seen.  The instructions were really amusing with all of the zombie, dead, and lack of brains commentary.

Poker of the Dead is a good short poker game.  I just went along with it and won a few games.  I encourage you to read the instruction manual and follow the tutorial.  They’re very helpful in explaining everything you need to know about the game.  There is a list of all of the poker terms: flush, call, fold, etc that serves as a good reference.  I need to take a look at these in more depth so I actually know what I’m doing half the time.

So, in the game itself, you’re trying to race the zombies to win before they eat your brains.  Your choices are to Call, Raise, Fold, or All In.  You can’t use the All In one until you’ve won three times.

You have seven days.  Each day, your units increase.  So, when you make a call, it is worth $10 on the first day, and goes all the way up to $500 in the end.

There is also a list of Challenges you can choose from.  The Kindle’s 5-way toggle button will get you to where you need to go for everything in the game.  Poker of the Dead includes a tutorial, but it’d be great if there was an advisor available like there is in Texas Hold ‘Em.

The zombies are really creepy looking.  They certainly look the part.  Be sure to grab Poker of the Dead soon.  It is on sale for a limited time along with other Halloween themed Kindle games.

So, overall, Poker of the Dead is certainly not a full blown poker game, as reviewers mentioned, but it is certainly a good mental break.

Poker of the Dead is available on the newest Kindle, as well as older models.


“‘I’m giving Poker of the Dead a full 5 stars, because there’s nothing more I’d ask from the game. It’s not a full blown Texas Hold’em game, doesn’t pretend to be one, but instead, gives the game its own special gameplay that works really well on the non-touch Kindles. The game can easily and comfortably be played casually using the 5-way controller. It’s fun for short time periods, or extended play (try to beat your own score). Killing zombies by going all-in is fun and different.”

B. Fontane

“Very clever, enjoyable game, and plays fast. Becoming my goto game between books for a quick poker break.”

Mystery Castle Dawn of Illusion

Mystery Castle: Dawn of Illusion is not one of the best Kindle games out there, but it is still a fun logic maze game.  In the spirit of Halloween it is currently only .99.

When I first arrived in the game I had to select the first puzzle.  Once in the puzzle, Monty the Wizard meets the knight, who explains Monty’s mission. You are Monty, and your goal is to unlock each maze and progress through the castle.  To do this, you have to pick up 5 skulls and exit out of the skull door.

If you want a more detailed instruction manual, press Menu and choose “Instructions” from the list.

Mystery Castle is not just an average maze navigation puzzle game.  You’ll need to use some logic to make sure you don’t use up all of your keys before all  of the doors are unlocked.  I immediately fell into this trap.

I think the graphics could use some improvements.  For me at least, it was kind of hard to tell what things were.  The skulls and keys were a little light, and the doors didn’t look that much like doors.  This may be just due to the fact that I am currently using an older Kindle model.  The e-ink display is much better on newer models.

The navigation is through the 5-way toggle button.  Monty moves in a continuous fashion, and as he passes by the objects, they automatically get picked up.

Common thoughts throughout all of the reviews were that the graphics need improvement, a hint system would be helpful, and there weren’t enough mazes.

I  think Mystery Castle has a lot of potential to be a really good game if it makes the suggested improvements.

Mystery Castle: Dawn of Illusion is available on the latest generation Kindle as well as older models.

Candace Kiekhefer

“I think this is a very fun game to play. Well worth the $1.99 price. My only complaint is that there are no hints as to how to solve the levels. I am currently stuck on a level and haven’t any idea how to get by it. I agree with the other reviewer when they said an update with hints or even solutions would be nice. This is why I only gave the game 3 stars. I don’t mind having to figure out solutions but sometimes a little hint is needed when the solution just doesn’t come to you. ”

Ed Pegg

“In short, all of these puzzles are mazes. You must find a particular route, and if you pick up keys or open doors or collapse floors in the wrong order, you’ll likely arrive at a dead end. These are frequently called Logic Mazes, or Multistate Mazes. Expect to do a lot of starting over until you get the hang of it.”

Ultimate Halloween Quiz

HandyX has a number of subject based quizzes that cover literature, science, nature, math and pop culture.

It is only natural that they would add a Halloween Quiz to their growing collection.  Out of all of the Halloween Kindle apps, I’m the most excited about this one because it can make for a fun trivia night.  Get ready for some spooky trivia fun!

Ultimate Halloween Quiz might be more geared towards adults and teens than kids because of the challenging nature of the questions.  There were a number of movie titles that I didn’t recognize, but a horror movie buff would probably know a lot better.

Usually the quizzes are set up so that you might go through a string of really hard questions, then get an easy one.  I laughed out of comic relief when I got the first easy one.  Know anything about witches?

So here’s a little sample of the types of questions I’ve seen.  There are 500 total.  That is about half the amount that are in the other quiz games. I’ve seen questions about Halloween movies, candy, history, and magic, and more.

Did you know that there is such a thing as Rocky Road crunch bars?  I’ve only heard of Rocky Road Ice Cream.  The unique questions even for something like candy certainly makes Ultimate Halloween Quiz a lot more interesting.

The game is set up as:   Continuous and Round by Round Untimed, and Continuous and Round by Round Timed.  I prefer working through the whole set at my own pace because I don’t do as well against the clock, but others might prefer to work on both speed and knowledge.

The Round by Round set up would be perfect for a Halloween party.  I’m thinking teams that can race each other to answer each question.  The team with the most right answers win.  It would work well on an individual competition basis.

The navigation is through the Kindle’s 5-way toggle button.  Use it to select your answer, then the game will prompt you to select your final answer.  With the movies I just guessed my way through, but found that if I went with my gut instinct, I got more right.  Some of it can be done through context as well.

I didn’t have any problem figuring out where to select my answers.  If you are new to the game or Kindle games in general, there is a help guide available.

Ultimate Halloween Quiz is only 0.99, and is available on the latest generation $79 Kindle, as well as earlier models.




Blossom Halloween Edition

If you aren’t familiar with Blossom, it is a connection game. The original Blossom game connects flowers to a watering can.  There are a variety of pipe irrigation games that go back to the 1990’s at least, and are available on the PC.

Just in time for Halloween, Braintonik Games is offering a Halloween edition of Blossom. Instead of flowers, there are pumpkins. The pumpkins connect to a witch’s cauldron, and the potion makes them turn into jack o lanterns.

I’d be interested to learn how these games are designed to see how Braintonik can make the pumpkins become jack o lanterns, and how the flowers bloom.

Blossom Halloween Edition is addicting. The hard part is making sure you get all of the pipe connected. I spent a long time rearranging them so they all can connect. The pipes are L or T shaped.  So it takes a bit of finagling to get them to fit every part of the puzzle.

There is a hint feature that can help you out along the way. I definitely made good use of it.  It will fill in some of the pipes for you.

Navigation is primarily done with the Kindle’s 5-way toggle button. Just like with the original Blossom, you’ll use it to connect the pipes. The only time you really need the keyboard is to hit “H” for the hints.  Be careful with how much you play this game.  Turning the shapes around with the toggle button constantly might wear it out.

There are 120 puzzles ranging in difficulty level from easy to expert. The grid size increases as the difficulty level increases. If you need to pause or rest a puzzle, you can just press “menu” and the options to do so are there.  Even the beginner levels present a bit of a challenge, so you have plenty of puzzles to keep you for awhile.

The graphics are decent, but the pipes might could be a little easier to see. The newer the Kindle, the more crisp the display is, however.  Blossom Halloween Edition would be a great game for a color device device as well.

So grab this game while it is so inexpensive because it isn’t going to be  for too long.  It is a great game for all ages, and can be a fun Halloween activity for the whole family.

Blossom Halloween Edition is compatible with the $79 keyboardless Kindle, as well as the older models.