Everyone knows how to play Hangman. I still grab a piece of paper and pencil every once in awhile when I’m bored and play the game. Now that Hangman is available on my Kindle, I can help out the environment by not wasting paper and have it with me wherever I go.

Hangman for the Kindle surprised me with the fairly elaborate graphics. There’s a medieval style man that looks like a character from a Shakespeare play, and there’s the traditional stick figure.  Everything is really clear and crisp. The letters are pretty big, and easy to see.

It was surprisingly difficult even in the beginner levels. The hints were pretty broad. Watch out, the body parts sure do add up quickly. The general rule is to run through the vowels first. If you can use deductive reasoning to figure out the word, then you’re good. Don’t be like me and run through all of the vowels and waste precious letters that could be used on ones that can fit. Regardless of whether you win or lose, you’ll see your score and the correct word at the end of the level.

I used the Kindle’s toggle button to navigate and pick letters. You can use the keyboard as well. Check the menu options for assistance with how to play the game and what keyboard shortcuts to use.

For kids and those who prefer easy puzzles, there’s Hangman 4 Kids, also by Sonic Boom. It is a great way to keep kids occupied while improving their vocabulary at the same time.

Hangman is a game I’ll definitely enjoy having handy. There is a wide selection of words in varying degrees of difficulty, so it should keep me occupied for awhile.

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“You can either use your cursor to space over to the letter and then “enter” or you can type the letter using Kindle’s keypad. Typing it is much quicker if you know the QWERTY keyboard. The game gives a clue as to what you’re looking for. For example, if you have to guess a food item, the word “food” will be spelled out in the section of the screen to the right of the hanging. No pencil necessary. Good price. It would be handy to give over to the kids so they have something to play on a long trip or in a waiting room, for example. Or if you have to wait and it’s too noisy to concentrate on reading!”