Hidden Expedition: Amazon

When I downloaded Hidden Expedition: Amazon on my Kindle, I wasn’t expecting much in the way of graphics because of the basic, grayscale screen.  I also have a Kindle 2,  so the graphics are not quite as good as the newer Kindles.

I was pleasantly surprised, and found that the graphics are great.  I also was able to figure out the game without too much direction.  The objects and details show up really well.  So I would imagine they would be that much better on the Kindle 3.

In Hidden Expedition: Amazon, you are a former student of a missing professor.  Professor Mandible took off for South America and never came back.

Your job is to uncover clues that will lead to the missing professor.  You start off creating a profile that holds your scores and other relevant information.  Three of your friends or family can join in as well, but their profiles are separate so you can each embark on your own adventures.

Each level consists of different rooms that contain a bunch of objects that are tossed haphazardly around the room.  The first level is in Professor Mandible’s office.  This level’s pretty easy, but the levels get increasingly harder as you go on.  Get ready for an adventure around the world!

You rely on the 5-way toggle button to navigate the cursor around to select items.  This has slowed me down considerably in finding objects, but I’m sure the Kindle 3 toggle button is better than the previous generations.

One good trick is to hold down the toggle button to make the cursor move faster, but don’t let it run away!  If you send it past one end up the screen, it shows up on the other end.  Quite handy for objects on the other end of the room.

Some objects are harder to find, and might be hidden behind others.  I highly recommend using the “xoom in” option when you can.  You can find this feature by hitting menu and selecting it from the list of items.  The screen zooms in on the area around your cursor.  You’ll find other helpful features in the menu such as “hints” and “restart level.”

I’ve really enjoyed this game so far.  It provides a fun diversion if you need a break from reading.  A fun game for all ages.

Melissa A. Young

“I really enjoy playing this game!… It is easy enough to be fun and challenging enough to stay interesting. I like the subtle use of humor and word play that is sprinkled throughout the game. “