What Black Friday Means for Kindle Games

November has been a big month for the Amazon Kindle.  The Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire shipped on November 14, and the reviews are pouring in.

Black Friday is fast approaching and people are already starting to camp out at stores like Best Buy and Walmart.  Amazon is celebrating Black Friday Week by offering deals on its Official Black Friday page.

Consumers already have a wide variety of Kindles available for unbeatable prices.  The Kindle 4 starts at $79.  The Kindle Touch starts at $99 and the Kindle Fire is $199.

Barnes & Noble quickly responded with an update to its NookColor and calls it the Nook Tablet.  The Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire will be going head to head during the 2011 holiday shopping season.

Holiday editions of Kindle games are starting to trickle in.  Pixel Perfect Holiday Puzzles has been out for a couple of weeks.  Reviewers raved about the original Pixel Perfect game created by Amazon.  Both the original and holiday versions are free.  Hard to believe a free game would beat out its paid counterparts. Picture Cross and Nonograms by a long shot.

Pixel Perfect Holiday Puzzles is a logic puzzle.  Starting with a grid, you have to fill in the number of blocks that the numbers at the top and end of the row indicate.  Sometimes, there are more than one numbers, so you have to figure out where to place each set of blocks.  For example, 6 3 would mean 6 blocks separated by one or two empty blocks, then 3 blocks.

The holiday edition includes puzzles that are symbols of all of the holidays that come around this time of year: Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

The only other holiday themed Kindle game that I’ve seen so far is Puzzle Baron’s Holiday Cryptograms.  This game includes quotes about all things holiday: winter, friends and family, New Year’s, gifts and giving, and the holiday season.  There are 100 quotes that are scrambled into cryptograms.  This one is around 3 bucks, but the original one got great reviews.  I wouldn’t expect anything less than great reviews for this version as well.

To be honest, I thought there would be a much bigger holiday game selection by now.  Maybe developers are focusing more on recreating games to be compatible with the new Kindles.  There are very few games compatible with the Kindle Touch so far.

But, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a big game sale for Black Friday.  Now that the Kindles are all in the hands of consumers, it is only natural that great deals on games and accessories will not be far behind.