First off, I want to say, I liked Inheritance right from the start because the instructions are well written and full of humor.  Humor is always a good thing.

Once you start the game, you play the nephew of crazy Uncle Ozmo.  Cool name.  Uncle Ozmo has passed away and left you a nice inheritance.  But the catch is, in order to get the inheritance, you have to reveal clues and get yourself out of his house.  By the way, you are locked into the mansion.  Knowing how crazy your uncle is, you didn’t expect to get off easy did you?

In order to get out of your uncle’s house, you have to give basic text commands to move through the rooms.  Examples include “Go” or “Open.”  These words can be accessed via the Kindle keyboard.  You will see the keys that match up to each word on the screen.  So, you don’t have to worry about memorizing the shortcuts.

The only complaint I have about Inheritance is that the text is kind of small.  I can’t adjust it with the Aa button at all.  Aside from the small text, the look and feel of the game looks good to me.

Be careful, you can get turned around easily.  I tried going through he archway, then thought I was going to the foyer, but ended up going back to where I started.  So, pay close attention to where you are so you can get out faster!

Carrie Johnson

“It took me a while to figure things out…which is the point I guess. It was fun and challenging. Once I figured out how to get into the elevator, things really went fast and I was able to make it all happen quickly. Hint for getting the shoes: set the timer on the floor. It was super fun but wanted it to be longer and I want more!! Gang of Penguins, we are ready for more!!’

Gang of Penguins must be doing something right, with all of these reviews begging for more games like this one!

Jade Hanley

“This is a fantastic game that while quite challenging at parts, totally keeps your interest with the story line. Great game on the go as you can easily come back to it. I hope this company continues to make more great titles!”

Text game veterans might feel that Inheritance is too easy, but it is a good refresher, and has the potential begin a revolution of of text adventure games for the Kindle.