Kindle 4 Apps

Not all Kindle applications work on the newest Kindle 4 model without a keyboard ($79 with special offers and $99 without). If you are purchased apps in the past for your Kindle 2 or Kindle 3, these apps will show up in the “Archived Items”. But when you will try to download them you will get a message telling you “Item Not Available – This item is not available for this device type”.

Amazon has foreseen that trying to use apps designed for physical keyboard on a device that doesn’t have it will not be enjoyable. So they hand-picked 20 applications that don’t rely on keyboard and would do just fine with 5-way controller.

If you just purchased Kindle 4 or planning to and are wondering which apps will run on your device, here’s a list of 20 (out of 145) Kindle app titles that do well without a keyboard:

I’ll keep updating this list periodically and will update app reviews themselves with list of Kindle platforms that app supports.


There is a popular game called Bejeweled or Bejeweled Blitz available for the PC, smartphone, and tablets such as the iPad.  It relies a lot on color, so it isn’t the best fit for the Kindle.

The current version of the Kindle doesn’t have color options, but Mobigloo  has created a comparable game called Jewels that relies more on patterns than than shapes and colors.  The patterns ad more depth to the game because they require you to pay closer attention to detail.

The goal of Jewels is to match up three objects with the same patterns and shapes.  The shapes are all just basic geometric shapes: circle, triangle, square.  Remember to pay attention to the patterns inside the shapes.  Some shapes are similar in structure.

In order to select and move a shape to match it with others you have to select it first with the Kindle’s 5-way toggle button.  Once selected, you use the toggle button to match it up with the others.  The extra step is more cumbersome than just dragging the shape on a touch screen, but it works best with the current Kindle platform.

Other than the look and method of moving the shapes, Jewels is basically the exact same game we’re all familiar with.  You can choose to play casual, untimed games, or timed ones that test speed and accuracy.

If you get stuck, and can’t find a match, there is a hint option available, and a help section in the menu.  Overall, Jewels is a pretty simple game to grasp, and can certainly keep kids and adults alike occupied for hours.


“I’ve always loved the jewel games, but because this game is in black and white it’s more difficult than playing it in color. Also, some of the jewels are similar in design so it takes more time for you to connect the right ones. Definitely a fun game and will keep your brain in shape!”

Roxanne Mchenry

“I’ve played popgame’s bejeweled online for a long time, and so I was intrigued when I saw this game was available. The basic premise is the same and you will have multi-levels drop if you match the right 3 jewels. I liked that the game does have a dropping visual effect, but I dislike having to use the 5-way controller to swap jewels. It works about as good as it possibly could with the limitation of the Kindle. I would rather play this game on a color device as an app– maybe on the new Kindle Fire when it comes out!”