Link Four

Link Four is the Kindle version of the old, familiar game called Connect Four.  The object of the game is simple.  Just connect four pieces to win a match.

Link Four has three levels.  I honestly couldn’t tell a lot of difference between easy, medium and hard.  I think it has a lot to do with the player’s method of playing, and where they place their pieces.

I played all levels against the Kindle, but you can do two player.  I think it is always more fun to play against a human rather than a robot.  There’s so much more personal strategy going on.

The Kindle got me a lot with the diagonal matches.  So, beware of those.  They can add up quickly.  You can also connect four pieces vertically and horizontally.

If you know how to play Connect Four and are familiar with Kindle games, then you should be able to just jump right in.  The help section’s always there if you need it.  Quickly return to the main menu by selecting that option that comes up when you press the menu button.

As with many Kindle games, the primary navigation tool is the Kindle’s 5-way toggle button.  I got a little frustrated with it because the arrow at the top of the grid kept moving faster than I intended.  So I’d accidentally drop my chip into the wrong hole.

If you have a newer Kindle, this shouldn’t be as much of an issue.  The toggle button is a lot better with the newest models.

Link Four is a simple game, and the graphics are easy to see and intuitive.  The design is not anything fancy, so they fit the overall purpose of the game just fine.

the chips are white or black, and you can choose which one you want to be.

Link Four is well worth the 99 cents.  I think it is a great travel companion because you don’t have to worry about lost pieces.  It is a good way to keep kids occupied in the car or in doctor’s waiting rooms.

Link Four is a great game for kids, and brings back fond childhood memories of playing Connect Four.  It also provides enough of a challenge to make the game enjoyable for adults as well.

S. Randall

“Definitely enjoyed this game! I definitely recommend buying this to other Kindle game lovers! As the other commenter said, worth the 99 cents~”

Link Four is now compatible with the latest generation keyboardless Kindle.

Tic Tac Toe

With a little strategy, Tic Tac Toe by 7 Dragons can be one of the easiest games out there.  The Kindle version is well done, and does its best in simulating the pencil and paper versions.  It includes three difficulty levels, large, easy to read graphics, and includes a good instruction manual.

You can play either the Kindle, or another player.  There are three difficulty level settings: easy, medium, and hard.  I beat them all pretty quickly using a good strategy that I found.

Tic Tac Toe is a good kid’s game because it teaches them how to play strategically.  In the “old” days you could find kids playing it when bored in class, or even on playground sets.  The Kindle player setting can help them get introduced to the game and work their way up in skill level.

For adults, I highly recommend playing in two player mode.  No matter how good and “human like” the Kindle gets as a player, it can never replace the real thing.  I also think that playing against another human being would be more interesting and challenging than playing even the hard Kindle player levels.

Tic Tac Toe is pretty intuitive as long as you know your way around the Kindle’s keys and the 5-way toggle.  I immediately just jumped in and started playing   You can choose whether you want to be “X” or “O” at the beginning of each game.

If you’re new to Kindle games, feel free to press the Menu button and click on the Help option.  You also can access the different difficulty levels from the Menu, which saves the hassle of returning to the Main Menu each time.

If you get tired of this particular version of Tic Tac Toe, you can always try out the other Tic Tac Toe and Tic Tac Toe 2 Player Kindle game that was designed by Jon Larimer.  In terms of quality and reviews, the 7 Dragons version is much better.

Samuel J. Perry

First of all, this is Tic Tac Toe, not ChessMaster Chess. It is a simple game that anyone with a reasonably good IQ will be able to beat or draw every single game, regardless of the difficulty level selected. It is good brain food for the children as they learn the algorithm themselves and reach the level of win/draw every game. I find it an excellent choice for my little daughter as she rides in the car, or just a nice distraction from time to time. It makes her feel good to do battle with a game that she can beat. I recommend this game, but dear me, remember it is Tic Tac Toe, nothing more, nothing less.

Tic Tac Toe is now compatible with the latest generation keyboardless Kindle.