Memory Classic

Memory Classic is a fun, easy to grasp game for the Kindle.  Both kids and adults can enjoy this game.

Memory Classic is a tile matching game.  The tiles have cute little pictures of astronauts, dolphins, boats, etc. The number of tiles on the board increases with each passing level.

There are three types of modes: relaxed, classic, and arcade.  Relaxed mode is untimed and has 18 levels.  So, you can work your way up through more advanced levels without a timer pressuring you.

Classic mode is a timed version of Relaxed mode.  So, not only are you working on your memory skills, you’re also working on your speed.  I didn’t do so hot against the timer, but I’m sure as I get better at Memory Classic, I’ll improve my time.

The Arcade mode was cool.  It sort of reminded me of Tetris because it is a “don’t let the blocks fill the screen” type game.  In this case, you’re racing against the tiles to get them matched before the unmatched tiles fill up the whole space.

The graphics are clear and easy to decipher.  You can use either the toggle button, or keyboard shortcuts to move across the board and flip the tiles.  The keyboard shortcuts might be a better fit for the classic mode because I found that the toggle button slowed me down.  It tended to get away from me a lot.

Memory Classic is one of those games you can probably just jump right in and play, but if you need help, you can always review the instructions on the list of menu options.  Also, there are hints at the bottom of the page to advise you on the best strategies on how to play each mode.

A future improvement to consider, is a Pass N’ Play type mode where you can play with others.  Memory classic is currently only one player at a time, but you can shoot for the best scores in order to get into the Hall of Fame.


“Looking for a fun time waster? How about a game that the both you and the kids can play? Memory Classic is the perfect matching game for all! You can play Classic Mode where you must find all of the matches before time runs out, or for a more leisurely game, try Relaxed Mode. My favorite though, is Arcade Mode where you must make all of the matches and clear the board before time runs out while more and more tiles are being added. Don’t let the screen fill up or it’s GAME OVER! It sounds easy at first, but this mode gets very challenging!!”