Kee-Ko’s Quest

Kee-Ko’s Quest is a barrier removal game. There is another game for Kindle called Blocked that is a similar type of game, yet much more basic.

The objective is to remove blocks or objects from Kee-Ko’s path so that he can rescue his trapped friend.

Each level is a room, and the difficulty level increases with each room you successfully exit.  There are 100 rooms, and as you get up into the higher level rooms, you’ll be thinking about some tough strategies.

Kee-Ko’s Quest is really easy to grasp. Each object has a letter on top of it to match up with the letters on the Kindle’s keyboard.  You will still use the toggle button to move the pieces around. You have the freedom to move them back and forth to figure out which combination will provide the best opening for Kee-Ko to exit the room.

I can definitely see how this game can get addictive. I found myself playing it for quite awhile. It is a fun game for all ages.  I also liked it better than Blocked because I was moving actual objects as opposed to just rectangles.

Graphic wise, Kee-Ko’s Quest, was designed well for the purposes of the game. They could be a little clearer, but I was the most impressed with how the game is designed to make it easy to find the pieces you need to move around by the letters on top of each car.

Ed Pegg

“This is very similar to Blocked, which in turn is based on Rush Hour, the ThinkFun puzzle originally developed by Nob Yoshigahara. These are sliding block puzzles on rails. The definitive book on the broader subject (no rails) is Sliding Piece Puzzles. One of the best physical non-rail sliding block puzzles available is Anti-Virus.

It’s odd that Rush Hour is being copied before the the more general sliding block puzzles. Anyways, Kee-ko’s Quest is much more user-friendly than Blocked, by a long shot.

The images all look hand-drawn, but they all mesh together well. The puzzles are well ranked from easy to hard. There are various badges to earn. This is a challenging set of puzzles. ”

Golds on the Road

“I have only gone through the first 15 rooms, but it requires a bit of strategy and thought, but not more than my poor little brain can handle. My frustration level on puzzle games has a low threshhold, and this gamre works for me in that regard. “